ok so i left my house to be safe right? well i have to go back there beucase i dont feel like being homeless and not able to get a job. well anyway…my “parents” who really arent r saying i have to go back to my school and the police and say that im lying..well that i can do. well…also…no computer! wtf! they r saying that i have been lying for years about my life. how the hell would they know whats in my life. how the f*ck do they know what happened to me or did not happen to me. they r saying im crazy and need to be in the psych ward when i know what really happened, they can’t tell me my life…umm let me repeat that MY LIFE!!!!…is a lie. they were not there for my every waking…or sleeping in some cases…moment. how can i be lying about the truth? the only way i can do that is by not saying the truth! which i havent..till recently and oh i got screwed over! i have been happy and carefree the past month and a half…being out of that hell hole. im gunna get depressed beyond beleif being back there…not to mention other stuff. so anyway, another stiputation is they wont pay for my college for the first year. well i hate to break it to them but that first year is up january 1st 2008…and guess what…they r shelling out the $6000 yup i did type that right…six thousand dollars (thats nothing!) for the first semester to the college i am going to go to. on top of it i probably wont be able to get my license…supirse…im f*cking 18!!! they cant stop me once im gone. im going to be working 2 jobs just to save up money for college..even though my cost will drop dramatically after the first year…car payments, cell phone bill…cuz trust me im getting the hell off theirs…medical…ect ect ect. not to mention..they keep lying to everyone around me…including my birth mom! (how can they do that about her own fucking child?!) and they have ruined all of my support systems when i left…they have just fucked me over…and they lie to me too…how can they lie to a “child” they “claim” they “love”..btw…if u ever talk to them, dont tell them i vented or im as good as…D-E-A-D. im going to be working my ass off and the only reward will be to go to college and get away again. i probably wont even be able to hang out with friends. speaking of friends…my best friend since 7th grade hates me….becasue im finally speaking the truth and she wont beleive it…this is y i dont tell my friends well i have only told like 3 what really happens or has happened to me. not to mention there were 4 gun shots a few houses down from where i am staying now till friday. ok…i think my anger has calmed down a little bit…a tiny bit at least. i wanna take karate again so i can go to class and punch it out on the bags! or smoke a cigarette…that would even make me feel a bit better. or some other aggressive sport. :tank: this is all i have to say to them…:double fuck: and i’ll make it no matter what! fuck yea!!!!


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