I’m scared to write this because I’m new but I’m trying because I’ve been hospitalized several times before and every time the system really failed me, to the point where I had actual mental health associates in the hospital tell me how truly the doctors don’t really care and everyone’s just there to do a job. It’s all protocol. That’s it. I can’t reach out to suicide hotlines for the same reason because they just send you to the hospital. I was sent to an involuntary unit because I refused to take medication that made me sick. I was told by a doctor that I wasn’t complying with treatment because I expressed I’m against taking meds as it doesn’t work for me. So they send me to involuntary 3 hours away from my family when I begged them not to where they forced me to take meds. I feel like I can’t trust mental health professionals because they’re apart of a system that doesn’t truly want to listen but just wants to follow out dated teachings on how to handle people who are struggling. I have bpd and it’s a struggle I wouldn’t wish in anyone. I’m reading a lot and I hope everyone can stay safe and get better because I’m losing hope for myself too.

  1. helpmecope 1 year ago

    whatever i just read in this post really upset me… it is true that most people lack empathy and refuse to go into the roots of our problems… but please know that you are not alone in this… you can talk to us… i have a friend on instagram who has bpd and is a suicide survivor… you could talk to her… she has learnt several coping mechanisms in the last 5 years… do write in the forums more often… if it makes you feel better

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      shelby7 1 year ago

      I’m sorry it upset you, totally wasn’t my intention. I just have to get it off my chest and I know it’s safe to do that here. I appreciate your offer so much, although I don’t have social media atm. Thankyou though! This really made me feel better

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  2. helpmecope 1 year ago

    i am glad you feel a bit better now.. and please don’t be sorry.. i was just sad to know what you have been going through.. and please keep updating us about your health.

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