Well, I'm wrtiting this blog, to encourage and give hope to everyone who needs it today. I Have really been going "through" for some time now. I have struggled with depression since my divorce which ultimately ended with my son and love of my life going to live with his father and which also lead to having to make the decision to give custody of my son to his father. There were alot of circumstances that went into me making this decision -it wasnt something I just decided to do because I couldnt handle it, it was a corner I was put in and well, I was in a no win situation. But I reallt went thru and had trouble holding on, BUT I pressed in and excersized my faith and believed that God would restore my life.

I have recently gone thru a job loss and was facing evisction and loosing all my independence. I continued to press into my faith and trusting that all would be ok. Yesterday was a day of victory. Since my job loss which was unwarranted and vert dissapointing in JanI stepped up my efforts to get a new job -I went a whole month without a paycheck and that was so hard, but my friends sustained my needs. Thank You Jesus! Well, I have had 2 flat tires in the past 4 days and got a new one for free, Was granted state assistance for food and medical insurance which I have never taken advantage of since the guidelines are ridiculous, filed for unemployment and was told I couldnt get it because I had an overpayment and in addition would not be able to collect for 37 weeks as that was thepenalty for having the overpayment and well, I was just devastated but again said Im not going to waveron my faith -and 3 days ago was told they overturned the penalty so I could collect the unemplyment insurance and yesterday got aphone call on the cell phone my friends bought for me to job search with since I have roomates and was concerned about getting messages and was offered a job!

You know they say there are no jobs out there and in 8 weeks I landeda job withfull benefits after 30 days and you know I give all the credit to God because I am so thankful and want to encourageall of you to strech your arms and just believe that God will restore your life and will give you everything you need to get thru wether its friends who will love you or putting such favor on your life u cant fail! At this point Iknow who I am and who Godis and Im telling youGod is awesome we need todo our part and trust himand he will come thru..1000 applications were received for 5 jobs and well here I am!

And, to update my son, well life istough for him right nowapparently, I am a friendof his on facebook but apparently is at a foster home, I guess his dad after all this fighting for him couldnt handle him. I havent seen him in 8 years and he lives in florida. I have sent a few messages but got no response and Im sure hes confused and maybe even mad but I am his mother andalways will be and I believe God will restore our relationship. I pray for him and trust and thats all Ican do. I cannot revisit the memories because whats doneis done and I made a decision for him and didnt want to put him in the middle. His dads family had alot of money and bought thebest lawyer and won.

Onward and upward. Learnfrom me and be encouraged all is temporary -Youare a child of God and have access to all the promises the bible talks about. Be encouraged if I can help I am here…

Love to all


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  1. dbrady1023 11 years ago

    Still hopeful:

    All will be ok..God will allow us to hit rock bottom to show us that He is God! Trust him and lean on him! Get conneced to a bible based church and make friends you can truly trust.  I dont know what I would have done without those that were so strategic to my success.  Now u said that u are unable to work.  Whats that about? Are u disabled because their are options for the disabled.  U know that right? Have u been to social services? Read your bible in the new testament start with psalms and gain some power.  Believe me God will reveal himself to u.  Just pray! Tell him u trust him.  Believe you will see changes happening when you whole heartedly strech your faith.  I struggle with the pain I feel re: my son but I do know God is in control. 

    If there is anything I can do let me know I am with you


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