Today was the second interview.  Pretty much my day consisted of small hurdles.  I wanted to dress for success, that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?  I wore a pair of khaki pants and a nice shirt…….it was nearing 90 degrees today.  I wore a pair of khaki pants…….monthly started.  I expected there to be an interview…….I sat in a lovely air conditioned bookstore to fill out tax information and sign the company adherance policy.  I called for a ride home as I don’t drive and my father works only 5 blocks away……..he had left for the day.  I took the bus to the rapid station……..there were no seats available on the rapid.  I stood on a very jarred rapid until the first stop and found a seat……..realized the heat was on.  IT WAS ALMOST 90 DEGREES AND THE HEAT WAS ON.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and the heat really really affects how I feel.  I tried to stay positive all day, remembering that the manager who I met today had said the other 2 managers I have spoken to spoke very highly of me.  Until this evening.  I took a walk with my sisters.  I am trying to be pro-active and exercise, but again, the heat + MS = horrible.  I get home to my 17 year old brother cutting me down because I called for a ride home.  I was told to call home when we were done.  But I was cut down and cut down and pretty much told that I was worthless and the reason why I am overweight is because I don’t do anything.  I get cut down because my MS acts up when I get too hot.  I get cut down because I am not willing to go outside and play basketball with my egotistical, sore winner of a brother.  I get cut down because I don’t have a job.  I get cut down because I was caught crying over being cut down. 

When can I finally be happy?  When can I finally get a chance to be happy for what I accomplish?  When can I finally get cut a break?  Just give me a break!


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