Life has a way of sneaking up on you..One day you realize that you're older than you want to be, and that you haven't accomplished even a 10th of what you said you'd do by a certain age.

I turned 27 on monday. Overall it was a great day, but it got me to thinking-I'm going to be 30 before I can even think about applying for medical school.

Due to physical and some emotional issues I've had to withdraw from some courses this semester. I started with 5, then 4, now 2. I hate this inching along process, if I didn't have this dark cloud of depression following me around, I'd be dangerous.

It's funny though, you kinda have to laugh at life-otherwise you'd realize how horrible and hard it is and never get out of bed.

I laugh because I have to.

When you think its a big thing to celebrate when you actually have money to go to the grocery store and pick out something to cook, instead of going to food banks, food pantries, and the Salvation Army for a warm meal.

When even though your heaters are running at maxium power, its so cold in your kitchen you can see your breath.

You can't remember the last day you showered because it's been too cold to take any of your layers off.

When you start making friends with the person in line with you at the soup kitchen.

When your boss gives you "scraps" from their roast chicken and 5 potatoes-you think you've won the lottery.

When you can dig a slice of pizza or two out of the garbage at the local college think about how you just found 2 days worth of food.

When your money (if you have any) snaps tigher than a rubber band.

Oh well, life is short-I hope this part of my life is temporary-cuz this is enough to make anyone depressed.


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