People destroying people

If you know what it feels like to be in a particular situation. How can you expect somebody to be different in those circumstances? Well it is simply because it isn’t your situation. Everybody has its own past, its own personality and reasons why they do things. You can’t compare yourself to others because everyone is different. But you can use that knowledge and experience to show empathy and try to understand other people in similar situations. Knowledge is great. But it’s greater when you can use that knowledge wise enough to try to understand people instead of judging them.

On the other hand I’ve learned also not to expect understanding from other people anymore because of this same reason. From now on I will try and understand as much as I can instead of judging too. As I have done many mistakes in the past. Probably will in the future too.

Everyone is different so I can’t expect them to understand my situation either. I can show kindness when I get the opposite of it. I can show understanding when being judge. And I can even let them hurt me without trying to hurt them back. I will try my best.
They think it will break you, they will think that it makes you weak. Maybe you might even think so at that moment. But in time they will start doubting themselves. As everyone will at some point in their lives. Am I doing the right thing? Even when you think you are doing to right thing. When going through the hurt and pain. You will ask if it’s worth it.

Decisions have to be made. Decisions that might change your life for better or worse. Only time will show it. But we don’t have to fight each other. As we are all living a fight by ourselves already. Life is hard, and at some point we had to deal with things that are difficult to live with. Some worse than others. But not less important.

Some people think they are more important because they have more, arrogant. Think they are smarter, wiser, more goodlooking and so on. Maybe they are. They try to put down people they think are weak or not worth it, just to feel better. To feel more empowered. Even they have a past too, they have a reason that brought them to that. And think they are doing the right thing. Something happened at some point. Life can do a lot of things to you.

It is a constant battle between doing to right thing or not. Doing what is good for you or others. Being selfish or letting you down again? Life has become living for others. Thinking what others might thing. Sometimes having your own voice tamed by the crowd. Trying to fit in somewhere.
But you can’t be perfect all the time. Bad things happen to good people and it can change you forever. Some say you choose to let it change you. But certain things just happen, some things aren’t controllable.

This world is cruel and selfish. Because of the people in it. For some reason most or some humans had to become like that to survive after experiencing horrible things.
But we can let go of all of it and try to be better. The longer we wait, the harder it’s going to be. I have to admit for me this seems even harder than giving up. But we have made it this far,and we can still make it make it back to the way things were, a long time ago. We all can change. But we need somebody by our side to lift us up, not to bring us down. Someone to try to understand us and not to judge. Just listen and you’ll see that we have more in common than we think. We need help from ourselves but we are our own enemies. We live on a planet that can get hit by asteroids. The universe is big. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes , tsunamis and earthquakes. So many deseases that can kill us. Can’t you see there are enough things fighting us already? There are enough things that can destroy us. Let’s try to stop destroying ourselves.

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  1. LonelyFemaleForever 8 years ago

    Hello Andrea. Thanks for your comment. No, unfortunately I am not very familiar with buddism besides the little things. It was just thoughts that were in my head the whole need and decided it to put it on 'paper' and share for once. It has been a long time since I wrote or really tried to share my thoughts with somebody or online. 


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