So i was diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety and depression august 11, 2016. My whole life since i was a kid i had anxiety. There would be time where my anxiety was so bad that i couldnt leave my house for weeks or months if it got really bad. It would come in waves, my panic attacks. I would get them in seperate times like, everyday i would have a panic attack for a week straight and then it would go away for even possibly months. Then it would come back sumtimes for 2 months and i would get them everyday. I obviously never understood what i was going thru cuz i was juat a child and was always scared of the feeling. I started growing up and realizing that i was having constant anxiety about random things. My mind was just always racing and i couldnt help it. Towards the end of my high school year, i was leaving my classes alot to see my councilor. I was starting to get worse especially before bedtime. I would get random panic attacks and i could never , even till this day, figure out what triggers them. My mind and emotions are like a ticking bomb, I never know when they are gonna decide to just blow up… After high school i wanted to go to college but I didn’t because my anxiety started getting worse. So it has been 3 yrs that i have been out of school. Last year in the beginning of march is when my panic disorder really decided to kick in out of nowhere and ever since then i hav had anxiety 24/7 about everything… All i do from the time i wake up till the time i go to bed is worry. Im scared to go places farther than half an hour. Im scared to b in crowded places but im also scared to be alone. Im scared to go to sleep at night. Im scared to go on thru my day because i might just have a random panic attack and idky. I started medication in august of 2016 and started seeing a therapist a few months later. She told me i have like a chemical unbalance in my brain that causes random panic attacks. I don’t have panic attacks every night now like i was ever since i started medication so i gess thats a good thing but i still have them every so often. And i just wish it would completely go away. I dont want to deal with this anymore. I want to go out and do things and meet new people and enjoy my life while im young. Im tired all the time. My head hurts and so does my heart. I feel so hopeless, upset, and scared. I just want to b able to meet someone like me who understands and will talk to me because no one gets me. Im tired of people comparing their anxiety to mine sometimes because everyone has different reasons for their anxiety. Im tired of people telling me “its just anxiety, it will go away. Get over yourself, bla bla”. Every single person has anxiety, yes i know that. But not everyone suffers from it the same way. Some people have it worse like me and i know people out there have it even worse than me and i cant imagine what that must feel like cuz i already feel like i got it pretty bad.. No i aint trying to have people feel bad for me. I just want sumone to listen to me. Sumone who gets me. I feel like im trapped in my own mind and im gonna lose it.

  1. bridgie101 5 years ago

    There’s a new discovery called the MTHFR gene mutation. It’s something a person is born with, and one of the symptoms of it is that it inhibits the absorption of one of the vitamin B complex of vitamins.

    Vitamins are pretty important, the inability to absorb vitamin C, for instance, would give you scurvy and you would die. MTHFR gene mutation has a number of potential symptoms, and one of them can be constant, unexplained, anxiety.

    Look it up.

    I hear the test for it is cheap. It’s a mouth swab. Your doctor and psychiatrist may well have never heard of it, but persevere. It’s relatively recent and it would be hard to keep up with all the new information as a GP.

    Persevere and investigate this first. You’ve had anxiety all your life, and you don’t know why. I’d say that was very likely this malabsorption disorder.

    as to the cure? They arrange for different folates of the vitamin that you can absorb. I’m told they’re cheap, and easily available.

    So basically it would be the perfect miracle cure: no antipsychotics, no benzos, no psychoactive medication with side effects, just the provision of a vitamin your body needs and everyone else’s body gets, the lack of which was giving you bad anxiety.

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  2. cstockard 5 years ago

    Hi my name is Chris, I have had panic attacks for years as well, they are also unexplained, I can relate to your frustration!!

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  3. heatherfeather15 5 years ago

    Found out today, after a long time of having panic attacks for no specific reasons and constantly feeling like there’s a pit in my stomach, that i have anxiety. Its frustrating for sure but you aren’t alone!

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