I have been planning a vacation for my son.  I have to keep him busy this summer so I have tons planned.  I can\'t have him go through what he did last year (after summer was over and he returned to school about a month). I don\'t know if you remember or even know but my son was hiding out in his room a lot and would come home from school without trying to make eye contact. I suspected something was going on but I just didn\'t know what. I tried to talk with him and I got short answers which made me suspect more.  My son and I have always had a good relationship.  He would talk to me when things were bothering him but this time was different. He was shutting me out.  So one day while he was at school I snooped in his room. I found a note in a notebook he had that was like a will.  He said he killed himself cause of such and such reasons and was leaving whatever to whoever.  To say the least I was in shock and couldn\'t stop crying.  My baby was severly depressed and I had to help.  I called his hiv doctor and they told me what places I can put him in.  I called around until I found an empty bed.  So after school I took my son there and he agreed he wanted help.  While in there I found out so much more.  My son had been cutting himself and has tried a couple of drugs and been drinking.  He had been smoking too. My son was 14 at the time.  I was trying so hard to be strong.  I did cry awhile in front of him but then sucked it up for his sake. We talked for several hours that night and I told him I don\'t care how bad it is he can come to me.  It could be ANYTHING!!!!   He stayed at the behavior health hospital 11 days.  The longest 11 days in my life.  I went up to see him many times (it was up in Phoenix about an hour from me) to let him know I am not going to abandon him there.   After the 11 days he started seeing a counselor and psychiratist and is still on meds.  He has been and still is doing much better.  And that is why I must keep him busy all summer long.  Last summer was boring and a lot of sitting around. This summer I have planned 2 vacations.   We are heading to vegas for a couple of days and stay home a day then go to L.A. to see my mom a few days then off to San Diego for a few days to see my sister.   He hasn\'t seen San Diego so I have lots of stuff planned for him there.  The zoo, legoland, sea world and whatever else I can find for him!

Anyhow sorry so long. I just wanted to say I have my plans under way hehe.  I am probably just as excited as he is. I haven\'t been to San Diego since I was like 7 or 8 and we went to the zoo. I haven\'t been to Sea World or Legoland either.


I have about 3 weeks to get this all planned. So with all that time I am sure I can plan up a lot of fun!  \"\"


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