Decided i'm going to try and write more regular blogs now after my kind responders last time 🙂 and i think its a good idea i blog to let out how i feel, otherwise i tend to bottle up emotions and it gets messy. so here'goes.

i had a fantastic day yesterday!! went to the beach with my mum, sister and boyfriend had a picnic went on a bike ride it was fun! no home and went out to meet a couple of friends in the pub. then came home and fell to sleep happily. i can't remember the last time i felt like that!! but today was snap back to reality!! 9 hours shift being humiliated and exhausted by my collegeues 🙁 sucks..but hopefully im achieving from it for my futur career. im still a beginer though..long way to go!

I don't know if i've written anything about my 'learning to drive' situation. well i've always dreamt of driving for yearsssss, and i know my grandpa would be dead proud!! so i've had quite alot of lessons now, i passed my theory test first time 🙂 woop woop. and got my pracitcal on 23rd june. aaaaah i bet nerves will take over me..*fingers crossed*!!

i think im slightly more relaxed now as its half term and i dont have to worry about going back to college for another week or so! yaaay. it just adds alot of stress, also not sure if i've mentioned something else about college..its hard to say but ive decided im just gonna blurt it out: i get sexually harassed and its gone on for wayy too long, im too much of a whimp to report it as it will only mess things up. i've got a boyfriend, he's 37 and married!! grosss!!!!

anyway i feel like im waffeling abit..alot, now. overall im still trying to cling on to my happiness vibes i got yesterday 🙂 im smiling…result.

hope all my lovely readers are wellll xx

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  1. naomijane 11 years ago

     Thanks 🙂 maybe not everyday hah but im gonna try! 

    "if at first u dont succeed try try try again :-)"  this has kept me going…

    aw i only started lessons a few months ago and im 19 lol it really doesn't matter, do it when you feel brave enough. my boyfriend was afraid but he's more confident than me now! hah i read on your profile your doing acting at uni..and u sing. those are two AMAZING gifts. hold on to them tightly! i can do neither 🙁 


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