Hi guys ! Recently I’ve been struggling with one of the most well known symptoms of depression: loss of interest. Now I’ve been very involved in my school’s music program, ad I had seriously considered quitting marching band. Band was my everything. I lived for making the music come alive, but towards the end of the season, my depression had been in full blast. I only saw the negative aspects of joining. The one thing that I loved so much and was so passionate about was being ripped away from what little happiness I had left. I had no urge or motivation. So I skipped out on the first practice. I felt super alone because all of my friends are in band and naturally, I just ended up feeling worse. I went to the next two practices, and I was reminded just how much I loved the activity. My mood has been so much better since then. Spending time with all of my friends and music really made me feel better in so many ways.

Along with this, I decided to quit jazz band this winter. I was never really all that fond of it, so I figured it didn’t matter. However, having all this time alone to myself when all of my friends were out having fun made me feel awful. I immediately started to regret not sending in my audition recording, and I will definitely send one in this coming winter.

Moral of me telling this story was to let everyone know that depression is very real. It takes over everything. This lack of motivation will only last as long as you’ll allow it to. I’m sure you’ll still have those practices you don’t want to attend, but hey that’s normal. Sometimes you gotta just rip yourself out of your slump and tell yourself to make the best of a bad situation. The key, in my eyes, to overcoming these terrible thoughts before obtaining the skills to love yourself is to put yourself in situations where you are loved. Keep yourself reminded of how truly awesome you are.

🙂 – feel free to message me whenever, I love talking to people on this site


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