well today didnt start of fab-daby-dozy for me as went through some pretty deep stuff with staff nurse in my session today but then this afternoon and this evening have really flipped things around!  thought id blog it as a lot of the time its easier to write about things that are making us feel sad but i wanted to to remind myself – and anyone else who reads this and is feeling as horrendous as i was just a few weeks ago – that good things can still happen – its just the agonising wait for them that sucks! my first happy thing of the day was a very nice surprise phone-call from someone who i am soooo pleased has come into my life as he never fails to cheer me up and is in general just all-round-awesome and gorgeous! lol! but actually speaking to him properly was fab and put a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day all by itself. secondly was getting the news that dads test results came back clear which is just beyond-wonderful to hear! i’d been worrrying about it so much and him not knowing i knew was worst as couldnt even check how he was doing. i am so thankful he is well 🙂 i dont know how i would have coped if he wasnt and to anyone who is having to deal with sick loved-ones – lots of love to u! and thirdly i went to salsa again and really managed to get into it this time and got to dance with the instructor after the session and do some funky moves and really felt like a proper little dancer. i know that sounds silly but 3 weeks ago i was still so dead set against dancing i just cant believe i did it! and managed to talk to people and dance WITH them! lol. and be told i am good – who knew?! certainly not me!  

"everything will be ok in the end, if its not ok its not the end"



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