So two weeks ago my band did an open mic at some place in PA. I wasn't driving and so naturally I had a few drinks. We stayed for a good 3-4 hours and left around 12-1am. I was buzzed – certainly not drunk, but I was feeling pretty good by the time we left.



Now I've been looking for my tuner for a week and can't find it anywhere. I remember the last place I had it was at that open mic and I think I may have accidentally left it there. It was an expensive tuner – about $85 and was a gift from my parents. I really want it back and I'm trying to get in contact with the bar to see if they have it or if they have the number of the guys who owned the equipment that night. There's nothing I can do at 12:30am – but I can't stop obsessing about this. I was stupid. What a dumb mistake, all because I had to have a few drinks. God there are sometimes I really hate myself for the things I do. I can't help but worry about it. Will I get it back? Is it gone forever? My parents seem dissapointed and I definately miss it. I know that Tim (the jackass in my band) is going to say something like "Thats what you get you drunk bastard!" – He just loves to point out my faults and ride me for them. But in way, he'd be right.


God I'm an idiot. I really can't afford to be distracted by this right now. I have big decisions to make, tests to study for and audition to prepare for. But I can't stop obsessing about this. Someone help? How do I get this to stop? I feel myself getting worked up while writing this, and I know I'm not going to get any sleep tonight. And tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that – all I'll be thinking about is "Where is my friggin tuner?!" or "You FOOL!! You lost a piece of equipment!! You're supposed to be the responsible one in the group!! How could you do something so stupid?!!"


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