This is the ABC poem I wrote a few years ago…

Agitate my soul

Alleviate my mind

Abysmal thoughts contaminate

the brains of the undivine.

Bashing of your heart

Banging of your head

Blistering skin indicates

you'd be better off dead.

Counting down the seconds

Cherishing these times

Clinging to the idea

of the wise use of your dimes

Dagger in your side

Danger in the air

Dances around you, taunting,

invisible, yet there.

Ever present in your body

Ego maniacs are stored

Eager for the moment

when they become your Lord

Forever burned the image stays

Feverish and red

Frightened, huddling in the corner

feet made out of lead

Great becomes the monster

giving up is not a choice

gasp for air and persevere

if you want to keep your voice

Higher than an air plane

hugs are overrated

hatred consumes the public

like a comeback style over dated

I, the one who doesn't dare

ignores you, dishes out blame

ignites your dreams of irony

watches them brightly go up in flames

Jacked up on red bull

jittery and nervous

jail time and probation

always serve their purpose

Kill the relief with another conflict

Keep your feelings close

Kids will, if you allow,

crush what matters most

Lingering on people

Lost in a human sea

Lakes drown the resistance

so now feel the hypocrisy

Meaningless and cold

much better than the rest

monsters grab a hold

of the heart exploding from your chest

Nearing close to the finish

never say never

now concludes the beginning

lets start the next endeavor

original yet conformed

obey the rules you set

overcrowded is the norm

so increases the rebel jet

Parting ways are difficult

Peacemaking can be harder

Pleasepleaseplease I'm begging you

can we make up for starters

Quickly , hurry, faster now

Quit all your lying

Quiet the unnabreviated door

cross the blood red line

Reading your mind

risking your bets

ridged edges

and framed silhouettes

Sun beats down

Shines, yet everything is dim

Save yourself for the breakdown

save yourself for him

take now whats left of us

thriving hard to see

trust is always broken

so please don't trust in me

underneath the surface

u can peek but just one glance

umbrellas cant shield pain

so grasp your only chance

Viscous thoughts undermine

vision cant help you now

vitality lowers faster

than your body should allow

Writing becomes an escape

with advantages unspoken of

worthy of nothing more

than whats left of a mothers love

X'd out of my life

xanax swallowed deeper

Xeroxed fake, there's no one better

so do your best to keep her

Youth slowly drips away

yes becomes the well-known

yearly questions are routine

take only whats your own

Zero points, your dead

zoning into focus

Zealous people fail at the game

though they will never notice

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  1. Dakotaa 13 years ago

    Thank you gentle:)

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