I got back from Alaska today. It was gorgeous and it was a pleasure to share Christ with the kids up there. One of our team members even had a child pray to receive Jesus this week! And I did ok.

The flight up was a breeze. I took my Xanax and napped or read the whole way, plus I had my group or guide me through the airport. The way back was rough. I got checked in and through security okay, but I flew without my team. They somehow gt vooked on another flight, so I was alone. I had a few people on another team I met that week who turned out to be on my flight to Houston but my connection to NOLA I was alone. We were super delayed in Anchorage and I thought for sure I'd miss my connection. Then Id have to ask for help from strangers (ugh) and probably cry. And there was a screaming baby most of the way to Houston so I was really grumpy too. I ran across the airport and just barely made my connection. I was so relieved, but Xanax had done nothing for me while in Anchorage. I took it at 730 so Id be mellowed for my 830 flight, but I was super freaked out and increasingly antsy as time ticked on and I was not allowed to board until well after 9. I hardly got drowsy until 11, and that was probably just exhaustion from the day. Anyway Boyfriend and Mom picked me up from the airport and I napped for 8 hours at home.

overall it was a good trip. I felt so grown up flying alone, and being on a mission trip without my dad or youth pastor. I feel I can handle planes now 🙂


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