As I sit on the floor listening to my music.. I travel back into time where music was my life, honesty music still is my life. Cause when my song comes on the radio I forgot about all my trouble and for that moment in time nothing matters at all because my jam is on. I have been singing since the age of 14 (gosepl music) there is something about singing gospel music that quenches my soul. Opening my mouth and making a joyful noise warms my heart. Well about six months ago I stop singing. My heart was so trouble and my spirit was on life support. With the enemy foaming at the mouth to pull the plug something happen when I sitting in church today. I realize that singing is my way of getting my cup filled and having my thirty soul quench. There is something special about it that I cannot put into words. Maybe I will start to sing again. Maybe I will open my mouth and make a joyful noise unto Lord, because when I take a look at what has happened in the past couples of month I thank God I did not use my mind. All the sickness and heartache. All the sleepness nights and disappointment moments. The countless trips to the hospital. Having every part of my body poked with needles, all the blood samples taken to figure out what my body was doing. Waking up in pain, going to bed in pain….Crying my self to sleeping night after night. Thinking about pulling the damn plug myself. Its crazy….On my road to recovery….on my way back to myself…..On my way back to my joy and peace…..I have a need to sing…..lets hope I give into it and not be stubborn about the situation…. Stay tune!!!


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