So, Charlie’s cleaning the cat box.  The cat hasn’t been feeling well.  Poor kitty…

I try to avoid taking my beloved kitty to the vet, b/c he has human directed aggression, and even though we warned the last vet about this, her staff took no precautions, and the cat bit a vet tech.  They reported him, and since he was there to get a rabies booster, and hadn’t gotten it, yet, when the bite occurred, he had to be jailed for like 10 days.  He had to be observed at animal control to make sure he didn’t foam at the mouth or do anything else that seemed rabid.  My poor baby cat – he has emotional probs, so, he didn’t eat much of anything while he was there.  He came home thin, with kennel cough.  If he bites again, and gets reported, we could lose him.  I think they can take your pet after two strikes, in Cook County.  And, Lil Puff did mess Charlie up bad, when he was younger (before he had the surgery that chilled him out, a lot), but Charlie wouldn’t go to the ER (he needed stitches in several places), because he was afraid they’d report the cat.  We were too freaked out to realize we could just lie and say a stray did it (or a raccoon, because that’s what it seemed like – a raccoon attack).  He was so torn up.  I used medical glue to fix him up as best I could.  Charlie healed pretty nicely, and the cat got surgery, and is no longer dangerous (vet insisted on taking all his claws, just in case), so, it all worked out.  But, we’re afraid to take him to the vet, unless he really needs it, b/c he still fears everyone but me and Charlie, and could bite some idiot, and end up getting up getting put down.  So, I usually tend to his needs with natural remedies, as much as I can.  He’s about 5 years old, and he’s never had to be on antibiotics.   But, now, he’s ill, and may need a vet if he doesn’t perk up soon.  He seems genuinely uncomfortable, and even though I can’t afford it, I may have to get him in to see a doc today or tomorrow.  My poor lil puff cat.  He stresses so much when I put him in the cat carrier.  He fights like the little beasty he is. Anyway, gotta run.


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