So as you can tell by the title I didn't sleep at all last night. Didn't really feel like it honestly. Plus I had a whole bunch of new movies that I started watching. I thought it was fun. My boyfriend came over today to hang out. Today was better than yesterday. He came over around 8, after my mother left. We just sat out in the living room, kind of talking kind of just relaxing. We were both really tired and everything but we didn't fall asleep the first time he came over. Around noon he left to go over to his grandma's house. Speaking of which I still think grandma hates me. My boyfriend says it's not true, that she just hates my mom but I don't know. I remember the last couple of times that I went over there, from going to school and everything. It was awkwardly silent but if I do remember correctly the last couple of times, she did open up a little. Than again I did too. You should have seen me the first time that I met his family. Well his around here family. I was like a deer in headlights. I was just frozen there, scared half to death. I so didn't want to mess up everything than they hate me, making it even that much harder to date him. Although I think they kind of like me. His aunt is really nice to me and we laugh. His dad is just kind of scary. You ever met that one person that can just stare at you and you want to pee your pants cause you are so scared. That's him… SCARY!! I've met all of his uncles (i think at least… he has A LOT of uncles), though if you tested me on whose who I would fail epically… I would get one of them right, only because he was the only one that I saw more than once. Plus my boyfriend talks about him all the time. I still haven't met his moms (yes mom, he has a mom and then a step mom) than again I don't really think I want too… The things he says… I know there's like 2 sides to a story but damn. You should hear than! I haven't met his 5 sisters (yes FIVE) and I'm kind of nervous to met than. More nervous than the family that I've met so far. I've heard they really want to met me. But what if they do and think, why he dating her? Or They should not be dating. She's not good enough. I don't like her…. I just don't know. I heard one of them is my age…. Is that weird? In my mind I just think it's weird. But he has one younger sister (the one I was just kind of talking about) and the rest are older than him. So scared. But I don't think that will happen any time soon so I guess I can relax.

Wrote to much again. Sorry! Thanks if you actually read it though, I know it's a lot and I didn't even tell you the best parts with my boyfriend. LOL! After he came back we kind of just fell asleep till it was time for him to leave again. That was fun though. I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep. But yeah that's it! Thanks again and Bye!

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  1. YaminoKaaten 9 years ago

    Hey, you can never write too much on this site.  Anything that makes you feel better or gets any negative emotions off your chest does not count as too much.

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