Back again. My son starts college in the fall and all his dad and I do is worry for him. He has been very frustrated that he has been unable to find a job. He really wanted something in retail, just entry level to help make some money etc. etc. Nobody would give the kid a chance. I had a friend who is an HR manager so she hired him. He had orientation today. Just a factory job making student wages, but full time for 8 weeks and working nights and afternoons. I thought he would be happy finally. However, he is very angry. He has never been able to work. I just don't understand but I am trying. When he was 15 he had a summer job and I just thought he was lazy. When he was 17 we got him a job through a friend and he called us crying and had to quit. So he didn't work and then he got a job last September and had to quit that 3 days in. However, he was at his worst then. He is off his meds, and now I think he is starting to do some drugs. One thing I have always been proud of was how good he was. But I am not a fool. Its nothing hard core just some pot I think. But regardless. Anyway, we don't know if he will actually get up tomorrow and go or not. I bought him some new work shoes, and a lunch pail. I just wish he would try something anything. I know he is in a rut. He never leaves his room, he drinks pop and eats junk food. Gets no exercise. His dad is getting frustrated and about to blow. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I honestly think something is off the mark and his anger scares me. He is so mad about having to work, I asked him to just try and then if he can't I will support him. Again, a freind of his killed himself a few months ago and I don't want to push him. I only got him the job because he was beggin for one. He has no money, except what I give him and he doesn't like to ask. I just don't know what to do anymore. I honestly fear one day he is going to do something stupid. He is angry, rude and starting to swear at us. We are good people and loving parents. I think he needs to be hospitalized. My husband says he nees a swift kick in the ass. I am just at a loss. Do I tell him to quit? Do I leave it be. I have tried to get him to come on here or another website. To get more counselling. However, he really did try to get well before and after two years he gave up. I must say he was doing better, I thought until I got him this job. Perhaps he is just afraid? I am scared for him and I don't know what to do anymore.


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