So, for one I know I've already done a blog for today but there's no limit. Plus I've really been thing here lately. I know I pretty much 16 (27 more days till my birthday!!! Super excited.) but I've kind of been thinking about the future today and it's all because of Katy Perry. Her song Part of me is just so inspirational. But last night while staying up all night, i started trying to do crunches and push ups. What I found out was, I'm so weak… hehe. But it's so true. I could barely do one regular push up! And crunches! Just wow! That took up so much energy it wasn't even funny! So I've decided to start working out and eating right (though I'm already off to a bad start… I had a bowl of ice cream). But than I started listening to this song and for those of you who don't know, it's kind of about this girl who was commited in this relationship and she finds the guy cheating on her. So she joins the military, kind of like a coping mechanism or something. And it's just talks about how that part of her, the part that was fight within the military and standing up for what was right, was something that no one could take away from her. That that would always be a part of her. And it was just kind of inspirational because for one, it's one of those songs that you could work out to. I think she did that really well, making a work out song talking about the military or something that you enjoy and are very passionate about. And for two, my family is a military family, we always have been. My ex-step father was in the military. My grandpa, my great grandpa, probably my great great grandfather and so forth. My cousin is in the army (though my aunt doesn't necassarily enjoy that… lolz.) My whole family is just surrounded by military people. But I've realized that for one, none of the women in my family have been in the military. So I just think that it would be awesome if I was the first women in our whole family to join. Although that's not my only reason. I feel like I would be honoring my whole family by joining. Like I was carrying something on that has been in act ever since the military started. Plus I would love to just simply serve my country. It would be a great honor if they accepted me in and I served it to the best of my abilities. And lastly I'd be proud of myself. All my life, I've been pushed around, bullied, and abused. And if I actually got into the military. If I fought and trained against these brave, strong people. Well, that would prove to me that I can really do anything. That's I'm not small, that I'm not weak. That I can defend myself against the people that push me down everyday.

Course that means that I have to work out more, eat right, and probably sleep right. I have to lose some weight, not a lot, but looking at the weight requirements for all divisions of the military and I think all but one, I've passed the max weight. Only by like 10-15 pounds, which is a lot but it's not at the same time… So I'll have to loss that and hopefully some more too (everyone loves lossing weight!) Although I'm sad that it's cold outside right now… And snowy and icey… Cause the exercise that I like most is running. But I feel like if I do that than I'm probably going to fall (I have horrible balance). So I'll start off by working on my push up and crunches and other in door exercise. Might go walking on a day kind of warm or I'll just wrap myself up real warm while doing it. But yeah. That's my thoughts for today. If you actually read that than I am impressed honestly. I wouldn't have… I don't know… depends on if I was really bored or it was late or night or something but yeah. Thanks! Hope you have a swell day! Swell… we don't use that very often, I don't see why… It's a very fun word to say. Okay wrote a lot! BYE!!

  1. SJ1065 10 years ago

    Just start off slow into working out and build up, Stick with it and you can do it!

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  2. YaminoKaaten 10 years ago

    Never heard much music, but are you sure you want to just jump the gun because of a song?  I can't force you, and I don't want to start acting like your father, but think it through a little more.  Two of my uncles were in the Navy, and one of them called it a hell.  Besides, you don't need to serve the country to prove that you're strong.  I can tell that you already are, though you have quite the rebellious spirit.

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