My Brother’s wedding is on Saturday. Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow, and Matt and I are leaving on Thursday. Everything has been going smoothly up until yesterday.

I had yesterday off from both work and school (today was actually my first day of summer classes), so I thought I could do a few things I needed to do and then relax for the rest of the day. Instead what happened was Mom woke me up and wanted me to do a bunch of chores, and then later she had a breakdown and Dad, Matt, and I had to be sympathetic.

The day before my parents tried to take their Plymouth Voyager to Wal-Mart’s lube shop to get like the engine fixed and the oil changed, and somehow or another Mom found out the workers were laughing at her car because she has “fake” spinners on the wheels (ironically, they’re Wal-Mart brand, too!) and THEN they told her that they couldn’t fix the car. So yesterday when I was cleaning our bird’s cage I heard her crying next to my dad about how she hates the van and wants a new one. Of course, we can’t afford one, and we haven’t been able to afford a new one for years.

The problem is that Dad doesn’t want to spend the money on getting a new van – he wants to spend the money on a new air-condition for the house. But Mom wants a new car, so they can’t agree on one or the other and this has been going on ever since.

THEN she found out that some people that were going to the wedding decided to cancel (I don’t know who, though), and when she calls the people, they don’t answer their phone. She keeps saying it’s “breaking Tony’s heart”, but I really think it’s breaking hers.

In any case, she’s better today, but yesterday she couldn’t stop crying. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do or say to her because I normally just make everything worse.

That basically sums up what’s been going on. I go to work in a little more than an hour so I wanted to do a few things beforehand.


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