Its been an interesting few days, to say the least…

My b/f went back to the place that cut his commission…in order to kill some time while he waits for one of two dealerships that he interviewed at to call him to (hopefully) start work…there's some incentive money that he earned that he will not get if he didn't at least return and get his profile turned back on. Thankfully, this bad dealership had no idea how to turn his profile off, so he didn't lose the money in the account, he just needed to play nice so they would allow him access to it. He went in yesterday and today, not happy about it, but we NEED the bit of incentive money, and if nothing else turned up he was going to stay there until next Friday (his next pay day) to get that and then leave and work as a lower position closer to home until something else comes up. Well, today he calls me and tells me that a place about a half hour drive (he works almost 2 hours away from home right now)…a place that he interviewed for a Finanace manager position right before the dealership was taken over, in fact…says that the Finance manager they kept was not working out and would he be willing to work a temporary (possibly permanent…if he can show them the numbers they are looking for…which he absolutely can, he is great at what he does…he just keeps working for small dealerships that play the "good ol' boy" game rather than what is best for the dealership most of the time) position …starting TOMORROW! It is a the same make of cars that he sells now…so he will get the incentive money regardless…the only downfall is that he would be a Finanace manager rather than a Sales manager…so he would not receive any future incentives…but the money we would be saving on gas (and his time, and his health and stress level) would be more than worth it… we are still waiting on confirmation of this going through…but its looking good!

Also, I took my 11 yr old and got him enrolled into his new middle school. Today was the first time that he (or I for that matter) got to see the campus…he was shocked at how BIG it was LOL…the lady at the front desk was SO NICE and helpful! Eventhough we were later than the 2pm cut off time, she allowed us to get my kid registered 🙂 I am so proud of my kid…he made the decision to be in chorus for his elective…the woman at the front desk was so happy! She said the chorus teacher was absolutely amazing…and they have a bunch of trophies from them going to competitions, etc. My kid is TOTALLY STOKED!! Then we took a short trip into the library (so my youngest could get some water from the fountain) and my kid's mouth dropped open when he saw the size of their media center. As we were walking out of the school, my kid just kept jabbering on about how cool the school is, how he is glad he is leaving the school he was in, and how cool it would be to go to competition with the chorus 🙂 You couldn't wipe the smile off his face… I was nervous about him changing schools and all…he didn't seem that happy about it…until today 🙂 YAY!

Also, as a side note of happiness, I went for a much needed grocery shopping trip…and between sales and BOGO deals…I saved $58.50!!!! I now have meat for then next two weeks and most of the other basics I will need between now and when my b/f gets paid! Thank you Lord!!!! It is ALL HIM…I could do NOTHING about most of my situation, and with the prayers to HIM and the support from you all and my family, its all working out so far 🙂


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