We had another argument last night but I'm not entirely sure how it got so heated.

My boyfriend went out to the living room and said he was going to get water. I asked for a glass too and I thought I heard him sigh, although I could have been mistaken. Instead of getting the water, he sat down at his computer so I asked what he was doing. He answered, "Looking at Facebook a moment". This kind of annoyed me because I'm growing tired of social networking in general these days. I kind of poked fun at it by saying "wired in", like indicating that he's always plugged in.

His reaction was more irritable than I expected. His tone was snippy and he got up sharply. I asked what he was doing because it caught me off guard. He said he got up because of my comment. He kind of dumped on me at that point, he seemed rude, so I yelled back. He asked why I was yelling and I said it was because he was taking a tone with me, which he NEVER agrees that he is, and we left it at that. He got his water, I went without, and he went to the couch alone.

I really just don't trust him and how attached to his phone and Facebook he is. I'm so sick of social networking/stalking that I deactivated mine. I don't need this shit in my life and anyone who matters has my number. I want to take the time he wastes and learn something, accomplish something real. He doesn't think he's on that often but I suppose I unintentionally make note of it every time I see him doing it so in my mind, it's adding up. Between not trusting him to have such a large corner of his life be private and erasable when it's been an issue in the past and the fact that it feels like a total waste and kind of silly bothers me.

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  1. TravisParks 9 years ago

    My daughter turned nine last year on October 10.  She came to me and said Dad I am being stalked at school.

    "Oh yeah?" I asked.

    "This kid at school, we call him Nebby.  He's a real low down no good creep and he won't leave me alone.  Not only that but he and his friends harass me everywhere I turn.  I feel like I'm surrounded."

    After I heard that I told her to come into the kitchen with me and help me with the meal.

    "What are we making, dad?" she asked.

    "Roast mutton!" I announced.  "You get the water heated up," I said pointing to the boiling pot, "And I'll put the leg and the shoulder in."

    "Bones and all," she asked?

    "Bones and all," I replied.


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