I'vebeen looking forward to Monday all weekend, get the kids to school and have some privacy with my husband at work and do some much needed blogging, so I get what I wanted and I've drawn a blank….nothing.

My son has a low-grade fever, so he's home in my bed sleeping. My cat Lucy (short for Lucifer) is sitting in front of the monitor watching me type. OOH! I could tell Lucy's story.

So, awhile back, like several years,during summer,the kids (mine, and some of their adopted cousins) were playing out back and came in to tell me they found a cat. Nasty, stinky, near dead, and the completely predictable "CAN WE KEEP IT?!" It was so near dead I didn't want too, I figured we'd just end up paying a vet bill, and having another grave in our yard. They had already named her (of course): Jane Doe. I laid her down on a patio chair under the umbrella, and started looking her over. She was young, half grown or a little better, and had a big rotting scab on her gut. Something just barely missed making a meal of her. But the scab was putrid, she smelled dead already. Lucky for her we had a drought that year, she laid in that chair for a month. After several weeks she could finally get up to eat/drink. So I washed the chair pad, there had been maggots living in her scab, AAUUGGHH!! That little shit just kept living! Everyday I'd go out and there she'd be, still breathing. You can guess the rest, she slowly got better, and started cleaning herself up and eating & bathrooming with more regularity. It turned out she is WHITE with orange patches, I'da never guessed that. At one point she decided she wanted to move into the house from the deck, and raised holy hell (hence the name Lucifer), and hasn't left since.

That fall I took her in to get "fixed", and sat in on the surgery, and sure enough, she was scarred all the way through to the inside. So she is part of our throw away family**, and officially named Lucifer Jane Doe, or Lucy.

**Throw away famiy is what we call ourselves as everyone here has been cast out by their own families, or had to leave behind families. So we have each other. And that's a good thing.


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