Today started out good. My husband and I decided to go to a waterpark in Orlando (Wet N Wild) and have some fun as a couple. Although the weather stayed gray for the most part, it was a nice day for it.

During the morning we rode everything we wouldn't be able to with our 6 year old son (we have season passes). I was so proud of myself because I have been terrified of water most of my life (serious ear complications that get worse with water). But I used some silicone ear plugs and just let loose! Boy did that feel great! Half the time my husband was screaming and I laughed through all of it. It felt so good.

By 2 p.m. though I was tired. My stamina is not what it used to be before getting sick. He found me a hammock to snooze in for a little while, and I was perfectly happy to do that, but before long he was back begging me to go do more with him. I was wiped out. I tried to convince him to go do some of the single person rides and let me rest, but instead he just got angry and refused. At that point all I really wanted was to get dry, get in warm clothes, and go to sleep in my bed at home. I felt like I was being fair by giving him the option to go do things on his own, but he was being stubborn and mean about it.

We packed up our stuff and did not say a word to one another. It felt like the whole day had been ruined by this one single unhappy exchange. I changed into dry clothes, then we walked to the parking lot. I had nothing to say for about 40 miles of the trip home, until I finally apologized for ruining his fun. Then I started to cry. I asked him to drop me off at home and told him to go ahead and go see his mom (who was watching our son for the evening) and go hang out there.

When wegot home Idranka hot cup of coffee, watched the rain, and thenwent to lie down. I just wanted to be alone. I was still very hurt and angry about the exchange between us and had no interest in cuddling or being affectionate.

He eventually left. I passed out. Right now I feel like I need all thesleep I canget. The new meds are making me tired all of the time. It sucks. But my moods are more stable, and that's more important to me than how often I have to sleep.

Did I handle this right?Was I wrong in askingto leave after being there for 6 hoursor offering to snooze in the hammock while he continued to play? I felt like he was being unreasonable towards my needs and feelings.

This is part of the reason that I'm still up. I don't really want to go share a bed with him tonight. I know it's silly, but like I said, I'm still hurt by his apparent lack of insight of what I'm going through.

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  1. Samsaras_Bitch 10 years ago

    Nope.  Not wrong at all.  6 hours is a long day when you're in a good mood and health.


    IMNSHO, he was very much in the wrong.

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