Man i CANNOT take much more. Home is getting to be a pain to go to. my grandma and sister are constantly squabbling. There is not a single moment of peace. I can't even hide away in my bedroom without my grandmother questioning why. Dad is sticking up for her and making things even more dificult.

I just wish i could go anywhere but home. It isa mess and I am not able to get rid of anything without a big upheval from my grandma. She insists that everything stays where it is. "It was your grandfathers" she'll say. As if that is an argument. I mean seriously my sister was about to throw away something that was broken beond repair and I was in the middle "This is my house. You are gusts. I get to decide what goes away and what dosen't." she gave me the coldest stare. It was like she wasn't my grandma then but, a homosidle or something.

Then she shoved me and I swallowed rong becose of it so I almost coughed out a lung. I kinda wish i hadn't lied to the CYFD person that came to my school now. To little to late. I cannot take back what I said. Maybe i just need to plea insane and go away. Running away or suicide seems better at this point. If only I could leave, then i wouldn't have to deal with an abusive, threatning, insane people. I might even get a little better with my school work.

Not that school is any better. I did stand up for my self today though. not iintentionaly but after what happened yesterday I-I kinda snapped. I have got to get out of here some how or I'll never get out and be stuck like this for the rest of my missrable life.


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