ANXIETY OVER COLLECTION AGENCY CALLS: Lately, I have been hounded relentlessly by a collection agency that keeps calling and leaving messages on my voicemail regarding a debt I owe…I have yet to return the call(and am being slightly delusional that the reason they have called now everyday for over 2 weeks is that maybe they are uncertain of having the right phone# since the recording on my vm is a generic one and not my actual voice and they're hoping to get a real person to answer so that they know for sure)…I know I have to get over my fear of calling this agency back and seeing what debt it is they are calling about. First of all, I need to call them so they''l stop freaking calling me everyday and make me have fits of anxiety as they continue to do so. Second of all, I need to call them because if I don't, I should be aware of the unpleasant surprise I received a few years back when I had an unsettled debt with a particular credit card company, and ended up finding out that my bank account was nearly empty thanks to said company liquidating my account., and be aware of the possibility that whoever is calling me about whatever this debt is now might end up doing the same thing(although it IS possible that the only reason the credit card company was able to get access to my account was that I had been making what previous payments I could afford to make to them via checks I was sending them, and they might have gotten my account# from those checks. But in this "Big Brother" day and age, obviously I can't be too sure). Third of all, it could be a debt of like a mere $50 or so that I'm being hounded over for all I know….but…my reluctance to call them is based on bad experiences with dealing with these collection agencys; when I have actually had the courage to talk to them in the past, they for the most part weren't willing to accept what paltry amount I was able to afford to pay, and even went so far as to insult my intelligence by teling me that should(and in one case, someone actually told me that this is what I HAD to do), need to ask a friend or family member to give me. And they keep asking and asking over and over again for me to send them more than I am able to send—they don't give up. And I'm just not "good" at talking to people like this–I am too "honest" perhaps, not good at BSing(if that's in fact what it would take to get these people off of my back); the point is honesty has not served me well in dealing with these people….Thinking of having a freind call on my behalf who is a better "talker" than me to see what this is all about so I can get these people off my @ss…but I am aware that might not work for obvious reasons either.


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