Last year I went to my first shrink, it was at a Holistic, Naturopathic place, I know what works for my anxiety, but the med is a narcotic type, only shrinks can prescribe it, I was willing to have blood work done periodically if I could get a prescription for it. So I bit the bullet, paid over $200 to go to this guy to get the med that actually works on my anxiety. Another doctor has prescribed it 3 years ago, I had 30 pills which I would cut in half, I'm a lightweight lol. That one bottle lasted me 3 years. The shrink said he would not prescribe it for me, that it was dangerous, the name of it is Clonazepam. So then I asked him if he would prescribe something natural for my anxiety, something more herbal since I was at a naturopathic center and that's the kind of thing they prescribe there. He said he knew nothing about natural meds. I called him on that, I said "But you work at a naturopathic center". He just laughed, thought it was funny. I however reported him to the receptionist, I phoned her the following day. She was very surprised he didn't know anything about natural meds and said she would relay that information to someone there. I received a letter from this doctor the other day saying he had decided to leave the practice, I am wondering if he wasn't fired. What made things worse and my anxiety worse after that visit is that I had to take money out of my savings account, and I haven't worked in a few years, can't get anyone to hire me.:-( It was a big sacrifice to even use that money. The doctor wrote a prescription for Prozac. I read about Prozac online, it said it was for depression. I kept telling him I was not depressed, well….I wasn't, just anxious. Why don't doctors listen anymore to their patients? So….now I just pop a Benedryl when I am feeling anxious, the doctor told me it has an ingredient in it similar to a prescription med which works for anxiety. It does calm me down a bit, isn't the perfect solution, but at least a solution.

  1. luneib 9 years ago

    The Benedryl doesn\'t make me that sleepy, probably because my body has gotten used to taking it. It takes about 3 hours or more until I get sleepy from it, I know that is a bit odd lol.
    Wow bad side effects from Prozac? Yikes! That\'s what the doctor wanted me to take, glad I didn\'t. Hope you can find something better that works for you.

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  2. think2much 9 years ago

    Benadryl makes people heart race my mom has tarchydia and Dr told her never to use that's why for anxious ppl it bad too .your better off using sunadee its all natural amino acid at whole foods

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