So first some responses to member comments –

@ancientgeekcrone – I don't think I've had a physical in a while. I've had things tested here and there for various reasons but not really a physical. My eating habits aren't the greatest but I had bloodwork done last year and it came up normal, no deficiencies. I don't meditate and my light intake is pretty low. I'm in class for almost 8 hours on Monday so I'm just sitting inside a building. On days when I have fewer classes, I'm usually in my room which tends to be dark. And for at least the past 12 weeks here, it's been mostly raining and now it's snowing so it's been dark and damp.

@Radagast – Yes I definitely do think too much. =/  It's just hard to get the thoughts to stop flying at me, I just roll from one problem to the next.

As for the class…he touched up some photos by changing certain things. What's annoying is that I'm forgetting key terms and concepts like okay, we changed one photo over to halftone dots…but what was it called before? Like you've got a halftone dot or a – what kind of dot? I forget, I'm completely blanking on not only that question but on a lot of other things as well.


Now to today…

I had therapy yesterday and finally spoke up about some things that I've been holding in pretty much my entire life. I also made an appointment to speak with someone today about a Social Anxiety group that's starting on the 10th. I'm nervous about it so I'm meeting with her to ask some questions. I just wish I hadn't scheduled it for 11:00, I'm having such a difficult time sleeping that I would just love to sleep until I'm actually rested. I haven't been able to do that in a week. So when I come back, I might just go back to bed for a while, I'm tired of forcing myself up so that I can drag all day and be miserable.

I'm worried about graduation, about not getting everything I need done on time to walk in May of 2010. I'm worried about co-op, that I won't get one or that I will and I'll be really bad at it. But I'm going to try to suck it up and solve one of my problems while on campus today – my schedule is really cramped so I need an online course.  I've been watching one class in particular that I need but, so far, no one appears to have dropped it which means it's still full. I'm going to fill out an Add/Drop form and see if I can find the professor on campus in the hopes that he'll take me in if I explain my situation. Sometimes, if the professor of a full class comes face to face with a student who wants in, it's harder for him/her to turn them away versus just rejecting them via an email. I'm kind of hoping that he won't be as rough with me once he sees that I'm this short, young (don't even look 18 to most people =/ ), geeky, and somewhat pathetic looking student – PITY ME PLEASE?!? O_O


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