This has been a great week. I took a shredder apart today and found a broken gear, ordered the part and will be able to fix it when the part comes. Amazing – I'm mechanically capable! I had trouble tying my own shoes before sobriety!

My boss called me to come outside with my camera, there was a hummingbird in the tree by the office…I got ONE shot before it flew. It was a good shot. My reflexes are better in sobriety.

I went to a concert with a friend this week. No one noticed that I drank only capaccino. But everyone noticed the girl who fell down on the dance floor…that would have been me two+ years ago. I dance much better sober.

I had a great time at the concert and I met Otis Taylor! Fantastic Blues ARTIST! Yippee!. I got a CD and an autograph, shot some great pictures and a movie and didn't make a fool of myself. When I drank I made an ass of myself when I met celebrities.

Over dinner someone at the table said they wanted some t-shirts designed. I was pitching my business, when my friend interrupted and said they had an “old and dear friend” who printed shirts for them recently and this guy should call HIM…Basically she cut me off at the knees. Amazingly enough, I didn't get angry. I just wrote it off to my friend's over imbibing and carried on. I did give the guy my card tho. :tongue: I would have been really angry over that If I had been drinking!

All in all, I am just amazed at how much better my life is today. Thanks GUS. Thanks AA. Thanks you guys…you are all a part of my recovery and the changes in my life. (I posted the hummingbird pic in my gallery:. :biggrin:

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  1. Joani 15 years ago

    Amazing is right! I concur with the amazing changes in attitude…Keep on keeping on!!

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