ok so my last blog, about my friend… well the story since then is i didnt hear fron him untill the next day after he did the street robbery. He phoned me the next morning , just after being relaeased from the police station, bailed to appear in court in January. That day when he was walking home , what did he do? He did another robbery, this time on a shop, just walked in and as the girl behind the counter was busy wit something he slipped in and took what was in the till. He scored then and i rang him just by chance, but the phone kept ringing out, but me- like a dog with a bone, i wouldnt give up and i  kept ringing. When he finally answered he sounded completley fucked up. I got it out of him after a while that he was after taking 30 valium, 30 zispin and doing a few bags…

i ddint know what to do so i just pleaded with him to call an ambulance or someone who could help him in case he did go into a fatal OD, thank god he did call up cos i dont know what id have done had something happened to him. An ambulance came and brought him to the hospital. He got out the next day, he was ok but all he wanted to do was score again, so thats what he did and i went home as soon as i knew he was ok. The next day i called over to him (yesterday-Saturday)and he was just after scoring, i was asking him where he got the money, next thing we know the police are banging down the front and back door. we didnt do anything, we just stayed there and pretended we werent in. He said he was going to use the rest of his gear then go hand himself in, he didnt end up having to cos about 30 mins later undercover cars were up at the house and they just walked in. The were really nice, and the detectives told me they would be keeping him in over night and he would be in court in the morning (this morning-sunday) so i said i would go but i didnt put my clock back last night before bed so i missed it. Anyway the judge remanded him in custody, so he was sent off to clover hill prision…… I hope it gives him the chance to get off the gear, he only needs to gett over a couple of days sickness, which hes going to have to do anyway in there  seen as hes only walked in the door.

I feel so sorry for him but i saw this coming, i mean you cant get away with robbing shops and people for too long, especially in a country town where you would stand out like a sore thumb. Anyway i have his passport and bank card so il be able to drop  money into him once he gets paid off the dole on friday, il be there to support him and il visit him…..but i think he is better off in there or in a treatment center cos the longer he was out on the loose the more trouble he would have gotten himself into.

Im ok myself, apart from the above im doing ok… im just watching my friends and family going in and out of prisions, addictions and treatment centers. Its an endless cycle and im so glad im out of it. I cant wait to be able to help people lilke this more, they need help and theres just not enough people out there wanting to or willing to help. Well i am, im ready and willing , although i may not be able just yet i know its what i want to dedicate my life to doing.


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