it will be one year this month on june twenty sixth that i was diagnosed with full blown aids first of course i had h i v over the years it deveoped into a i d s i had all the classic symtoms of hiv and aids my doctor the specialists e.r urgent care no one knew the symtoms so off they sent me with the wrong diagnosses little did they know i had aids n they sent me off to endure death they know now and they will foever remember me im still not done with them things ta ke time and patience i will get justice so i can move on with my life it was all pure ignorance i at one time had faith and trust now i have none i have changed in so manny ways some good some some arent some are because of the meds some are the virus it self and thank god for the meds otherwise ill be dead then what would they have thought ??????i have often thought whats their protocall i had shingles not once but twice eight months latter i caught p c p it took three er visits in one week to get proper diadnosses yes they the e r sent me home with pc p to die they are being cowards about all of this for sure they know me some day the administration i wll meet face to face by my choice so they can have that vision of me instilled in them when i was first diagnosed the first four months i was in denial zoned out distant i see why people turn to drugs and alcohal and suicide but i didnt then all i did was cry everday all the time for five months everday its tapperd off some but yes i still cry everyday the emotional roller coaster was and still is with me but in time time will tell i have been making good out of this i have made manny good changes in my life not that i was ever bad life is precious and can be cut short at anny time this was my third brush with death in my life time i thought i have endured the most trying times in my life but this one was the worse one there is so much more to this srory but this is it for now whats your aids /hiv story im sure we all can relate and learn from it take care live life to the fullest

  1. yk 8 years ago


    Welcome….. sorry for what you have gone through. Good now that you are in the right hands medical wise and you are on treatment. I will be a year ( funny) come August 3rd August. I alreaday related my story here. You can find it in my blogs. I am still only HIV positive and not on meds yet.

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  2. MarcAnthony 8 years ago

    I was diagnosed w/ AIDS in 2003 after being positive for 10 years. I rapidly lost weight, was extremely fatigued ~ getting thru a day at work was an exhausting struggle for me ~ I looked gaunt, would feel nausiated after a couple of bites of food and had a cough which wouldn't go away.

    I finally went to the Doctor, had tests done, went back a couple of weeks later and that was when the Doctor diagnosed me with "wasting AIDS". After hearing that, I felt numb. It was very difficult to hear much less process the reality. I cried in my car.

    I've been on medication since. I'm on a new regimen of Prezista, Truvada and Norvir which, so far, seems to be working well.

    As far as life goes, well, I'm not living it to it's fullest but I'm trying damndest to make it the best I can!


    Thanks for sharing your story.  

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  3. GarySays 8 years ago

     thank you so much for  sharing your story it brought tears to  my eyes it will for sure  help in this  journey of healing thats seems to be never ending it will probably be for the rest of my life  whats more damaging than full brown aids is the ignorance of my former doctor ,e r,  urgent care and all the specialists i was sent to they all are going to pay for their ignorance  its all on record and they know it i doubt they will ever feel the pain and endure the strugles i have endure and in the future as well all due to their  ignorance but they will forever remember me  they will have this vision of me if they have any concious at all if not then they will rot in hell .nobody knew the symtoms and of course no one cared to  know i had  shingle twice  pcp is what landed me in the  hospital for three weeks e ighty thousand dollars later but i have my life for what it is thank god had good insurance that was fully payed by  my employer and i expressed my graditude to them if it wasnt for the insurance i would have lost everthing i have worked so hard for. dont  get me  wrong this aids has inspired me  in ways i could never have imagine i have risine from all of this but the pain is still there  n struggles it wil be a year this june  tweny sixth .i have taken to the meds very well thank god for that one truvada reyatez norvir bactrim for p c p  my viral load was at the hightst onehundredfourty thousand c d four at the lowest was foury seven presently mt viral loas is undetectalbe c d four is one hundred and eighty eight next count i s i n july  ive herd manny sories where doctores caught it but mine didnt i was in his  office every six weeks and thats the truth i had  faith and trust in the system now i have  nones i assume i had  hiv /aid for ten years too thanx again for sharing yur story     gary

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  4. oneofakindlady2001 8 years ago

    Hello everyone this is my first time commenting. I found out 15 years ago when I was 18 I was positive oddly from donating blood. I thought they were calling me in because I had high colesteraol. I was complient with my meds and care through the pregnancies of my two children which are both negative. Than for some reason I went into deep denial of being positive. Went through a very nasty divorce. Than when I turned 30 I started getting tired easily and just didnt feel right. I work in the healthcare field not with patients behind the scene. I made a apt with a pcp and my labs were all out of wack. He sent me to a hemotologist which I knew him as well. I finally told the dr I was positive. I finally got hooked up with a very good I.D. dr my Cd4 was 7. Yes 7. Started on meds immediatley. In less tham a year my health deteriatied. I was full blown wasted. Hospitializied several times. I have severe abd ascites as well as bil pleural effusions getting drained once a week for months. Been on TBN for about six weeks. The drs are saying its a bacterial infection that my body is not fighting off because of poor nutrition who knows. I take a million pills a day. I have learned to take one day at a time. And to fake it till I make it. Finally accepting that I am positive has been tough. Telling people of my dimise and status has been even harder. Thanks for reading 🙂

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