I have some major internal issues going on and my docs cant find the "real" reason. They sent me to see a Urologist who adamantly blamed my diebeties (no testing, no nothing). I went today to see my surgeon and he said the brain tumor was the least of my current worries that I have other issues at hand…. No shit shurlock! lol BUT in his defense he honestly is making an effort to send me in the right direction. So he and I an my ex chatted and he was honest with me that a couple or more things could be the culprits to my issues… HIV has damaged nerves or diebeties or ? what ever else.

Dr. F I said.. I want to know what my future holds.. am I always going to have this? If I had emphazima for example I would know in this time would be this or this. What gives.. he laughed (in a good way) at me and said good luck with that one. This doc is some body that I wish was the gay brother to a friend.. get my drift. He is like the perfect all around guy I wish I could meet get drunk and marry me. I ask his receptionist if he was that way with them. They said they have to remind him to cool it cause they are competing for his customer service points he keeps taking..lol Needless to say he hasn't let my new diagnoses of HIV scare him or make him sarcastic or anything near. I wish everyone had a doctor like him. I wanted this to read in a funny sense. I know complaining can be easy for me but he got my blood flowing today in a good way. Happy hump day to ea of you.

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  1. kmg1947 9 years ago

    What a blessing to have a DR that is kind and caring.

    Blessings to u.

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