…okay, so know I have revealed my illness to my super terrific boss-lady who totally related when in fact she has a sister with BP schoizoid illness….this all played in my favor, with a sigh of relief. She recommended I take a month leave under FMLA then file with HR dept as having the disability for intermittent absences that will occur without having repracussion on my performance as an employee. she also reassured me that she will always have the job for me ๐Ÿ™‚

NOW- the next hurdle to attack- my so called boyfriend/fiance’ (I do have a ring given to me first XMAS we shared three yrs ago now)….but doubt we will ever marry under the circumstances of fighting and my illness. I am so dreading telling him about my leave for a month that I know it will be a major uproar and things as usual will reak havoc upon me once again as if my stressors and irregular daily routines have not been outta whack already… ๐Ÿ™ I need some input….He is a very strong personality person and demands alot from me- he refuses to read or educate himself any about my illness other than what I try to share with him….he IS HITLER living in my house and TELLS ME WHAT I AM AND HOW I AM to do things in MY HOUSE. Granted he pays the monthly mortgage,about 980.00 month, but he chooses to do so in telling me he realizes the costs of my medications are heavy along with I am paying ALL our utilities. He tells me he understands that I am in need of the financial umph he provides in on breath, but in his fighting words he claims I dont pay shit. I view him as a “RENTER” his name is NOT on my mortgage, he moved in with me. YET, he continues to state that this IS HIS house too. therfore he makes decisions whether I like it or not. ๐Ÿ™
I am thinking about turnign to renters.com to find another someone to take his place as far as financial help….not a relationship to alleviate this turmoil he puts upon me daily…..any suggestions out there?????

forever battle an ongoing neverending illness with undue stressors attacking me left and right unrelentlessly……..and I’m sinking.

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  1. Dana06 15 years ago

    I think you are going about this in the right direction as well.  I am on FMLA short term disability for the next week and half.  I was petrified to tell my husband because I had just gone back to work after having knee surgery(was on leave for 6 weeks).  However he was cool about my leave.  I did try to get him to read something on bipolar the other day and he didn't read it.  the way I see it, is if he doesn't want to understand then that is his problem.  Much with your boyfriend.  We can only do soo much to make them understand, but they have to be willing.  Your boyfriend has no right to treat you like a piece of property.  He is living in YOUR home.  You and I both know that being bipolar we need some kind of structure.  However it has to be one that works for us.  I told my husband that I gotta take my meds at 9:30 PM or I am worthless the next day and he was cool about it.  To me it sounds like your boyfriend doesn't know what you are going through and is finding all the buttons he can push.  Don't let him beat you.  You are strong and determined to have a great life.  Don't let him or anyone else cheat you out of that.

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