Hey guys! I have a favour to ask all of you! and your inspiration!

I have thoroughly about this, despite my teenage obsessions with tattoos, and even though I feel I have matured, I still feel awed by the beauty of ink that will never fade away, even when you die.

My hopes are to live this world as long as I can, even though there are times I feel there is only so much time before I do it. I want to live and die knowing I made a stamp somewhere, anywhere, with words of my life representing each stage of life I go through, as I endure many more things as I grow spiritually. I have decided that I will get 6 tatoos throughout my life, doing just that

No matter how depressed I get and am, I want these tattoos to give me hope, to let me know that I can move ahead and hope to aspire. I want these tattoos to represent what life is, in its many stages. For now, I am deeply thinking of my very first one

I have decided this first tattoo will be located on my back, midway, where the bones pop out behind you when you bend over (you know what I’m talking about?) or if this makes it any easier, where the back bra strap hits horizontally.

I want my first tattoo to be a sentence, a quote, several words. I honestly cant think of a theme, because what I want to say is so hard to be represented by words. But I still want to find it somewhere inside me. I want something deep, so that when I’m 30, 40, 50, I can look back and smile, and understand what I have learned since then, etc.

I have a few ideas, but as I think about it, who knows more about life and deep thinking than the people here, who have seem the truths of life more than anyone else in the world?

Please guys, give me some of your ideas, some of your inspirations, so I can find the words to make this achievement for myself! Tell me how you can sum up the beauty and oddities of life in just a few words. Not only that, what are some words you find beautiful, intriguing, etc? I hope with your help, I can make the perfect stamp of this stage of my life!



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