Hey there anyone who reads this 🙂 Just want to tell the Tribe some stuff, its good stuff, yet, its making me anxious LOL… (remember to keep in mind through this that I am a HS math teacher…yes the dreaded course…and will be at a new school in a rough area this year)

I found out that I will be on the same team as a teacher friend of mine 😀 Not only that, I will be in the classroom next door to him, and we will have adjoining doors! He was MY teacher when I went to HS here (yep, I will be working at my alma mater) so I have a good coach behind me to get me through this inaugural year at this school.

I also found out what I will be teaching this year… its 4 separate classes…so 4 classes to prepare for! I am nervous about having this many classes to plan & grade for…but the school gave me almost exactly what I asked for…LOL I just didn't think they would give me ALL of the classes I mentioned, HA. Some are high level courses (which I love) some are low level (but uses real life math) and its all for juniors and seniors …and this is GREAT b/c they are usually more focused on graduating and getting to that next step (whether it be college, a technical/trade school or right off to work).

I also got my son withdrawn (finally) from his former school and filled out paperwork for his new school (middle school) … and scheduled an appt for his physical…but they had nothing open until AFTER school started…but I begged them to just get the forms I needed together (with the up to date physical missing) and I can grab an appt card from the front desk so the new school will see that we are working on getting the physical. They would withhold his schedule if we don't get the info in…I am nervous about him going off to this new school…well nervous and excited…nervous b/c its a public school and the students there are up to more than at the charter school he went to, and excited because I can't wait to see him blossom into a young man…to see where his interests lie (he hasn't been interested in anything …no sports or music or anything other than video games his whole life) because he will start making friends in his classes and close friends in his elective (which I still don't know if he will chose band or chorus LOL). He was diagnosed with ADHD (I know what many of you are thinking, that he is probably part of the overdiagnoses of this disorder…but we waited until his grades tanked, his teacher described his behavior and lack of focus in class – which is the same at home, except for the video games or tv – and the other impulsivity issues that he constantly exudes…and we have tried everything else …so now its time to try counseling and meds) Most of the kids in his class can't stand to be around him very long due to him "going overboard" with everything…and the kids that will hang around him, are the ones that are the troublemakers in his class…he is the one that tells me that's why the other kids won't hang around him too…he just can't help it. So, I am nervous and excited for him to start at this school with medication and counseling help.

My youngest is starting kindegarden, and they have a "half day" orientation for the kids to come to the school, meet the teachers and some new friends etc…and of course, its next Friday, right in the middle of when I am supposed to be in pre-planning meetings at my new job … I am not sure WHAT to do… I guess it depends if my b/f is working, or maybe my mom can take him…IDK…that's another thing…I will have to be at my school before 7 am and my kid can't go to before-care anywhere before 630am…and if I make it to my school in a half hour, it would be a miracle…so I am not sure what I am going to do there either…my b/f will have to leave for work at 7…but I'm not sure when the before care starts at the school he is going to …

Finally, we will have our "tax-free" weekend here in FL this weekend…thankfully I get paid tomorrow…sadly, I have more bills then I can handle with my paycheck and my b/f was let go, then taken back, he's trying to work some place else …and who knows with all of this going on if he will even get a paycheck next week, or a commission check (which the bosses are sure to cut in half again) … but I need to figure out what I can/need to get my boys for the beginning of the year…you know? And I am in a tax bracket too high to get government help… lucky us….

Sigh…so much going on in my brain (as you can see)…just needed to let it go out to the Tribe… I know that you are all sympathetic out there, and some of you are going through worse than I am (I feel bad about venting about anything b/c of it, you know? ) … but this is why we are all here right? Through thick and thin… DT for Life! lol


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