i give up im not going to lust after both sexes anymore, im not gonna sit on myspace facebook, twitter and instant message and wait for people to messageor text me. im going to take your advice and be thankful because things can be worse. im sorry for letting you guys down and complaining all the time this is hard for me but since you believe in me i will make you happy and proud of me.

im not gonna use the cellphone nomore , or watch television im just gonna stay positive i texted my friend and he ignored me once agan i guess i deserve that i keep falling inlove with the wrong people and try to help everyone when i should be helping myself


Question have you ever asked a uestion or blogged and you knew the answer you just wanted someone to say it?


thats me all i want is money to support myself, to gt an apartment, and pay my tithues help my family and find a best friend . but i realize i will be alone for the rest of my life i thank god i found you guys.

i dont want to look for love anymore i been alone this long i might as well listen to you guys and wait. i am lonely but i guess thats what god wants he is not punishing me i did that on my own .

now im sick with hemmorids and syfalis because i wanted someone to love me respect me and understnd me but  nstead i gave in and its all my fault. i am so sorry for hurting you guys and being selfish and stubborn ill take your advice and learn from this and try to love me for once thanks

have a good nite


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