saw this amazingly beat up bug that had to have been from the early 50's. I've never been into cars but VINTAGE cars, i've always had a soft spot for. I think that is my dads doing with his corruption of music and stories. He made me want to experience that era. So anyway, this was beautiful, it was a POS but it had so much beauty and history. I wanted to take it. What i want to know if what in the fuck was it doing amongst all the shiny new cars in the town center: The roof looks like Godzilla came and took a bite out of it. Amazing. If its still there i want to take lots of pictures and see if i cant whip up some restoration on that baby. So cute. If it's not.:( I'm a moron for not having ran to my condo and grabbed my camera. Tara, you'd be allll over this like a slutty prom queen on her date.

……I also had some ideas for a sort of short piece i want to do on the 1800's vs now. It's romance based and involves vampires, but i swear its not what you think. UGH, I really want to learn more coding and be able to whip up things without the help of a generator. I love making layouts and just coordinating things I want get more detailed into photoshops features. I only know the very basics. Its frustrating when you have an idea in mind that you want to bring to life but don't know how b/c you lack enough skills. So, yeah that is one goal of mine, i've already started reading up.

I'm feeling good lately…I had another nice talk with a good friend on the phone last night. Though sometimes i wish misery wouldn't love company so much. As much as we wallow in our misery, we also have very optimistic talks. He's the only person who really cares to talk about the things that are stirring up in my head on a constant basic. .Just wish it could be in person. I miss Jason, but i know that's long over, i just miss the camaraderie but eh , when you have a falling out like we did, there's sometimes just no salvaging anything. Death will turn your world inside out and flip it and smash it and throw it against the wall , then serve it to you on a plate, mangled for you to fix. I sound a bit nutty, sometimes i scare myself. Anyway, at least i know one person who eats this up like candy.


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