Linkin Park Chester Bennington Suicide has A profound Effect on my Life –

But Is is a Positive one.

Feeling anxious, depressed, arguing with my family more since I got the news Friday of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington losing his battle with is demons, his mental health to suicide. #ripchester

Saying I’m bummed and agitated, a week later is an understatement.  I drew and wrote posted at the network I regularly blog for Psych Central. Since I still talking about it, I guess you can say I’m not facing the fact this really has impacted me.

It’s not Friday 12:39 AM.. A full week since Chester was found.however.  I am no stranger to suicide, my work with peers that are are the verge of crisis and some in crisis.   Lived with suicide ideation my full life and have tried to end my life by means of suicide a more than a few occasions.

This triggers me with the week, I drew out how I felt in the illustration below as a tribute.  But more importantly, It games me a chance to reflect why it his death was eating at my heart so deeply.

Chester is a family man with demons – mental health issues – we are just a few years apart and suffer some say ways.  His music reaches my heart, my mood and help get me through very harsh days.  My knee jerk reaction to suicide we here is a guy with everything going for him, access to the best care, access to therapy and service the best money could buy…If he can make it, how can I, with my under-par services and inadequate providers just pushing pills now my gut then sending me on my after a 10 or 15-minute visit?

I am saddened for his family, and his friends, but I worry about up peers left behind.

Chato Stewart


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