My husband is so cute. So…night before last we were talking baby names. Not the greatest thing to do while inebriated. Because you have epiphanies. Only they're really stupid ones. I came up with the name Caribou…and I was bound and determined to use it (no, we're not pregnant now or I wouldn't be inebriated). I'd like to be under the same roof with him if we have a baby. And you know…we settled on four baby names because we plan to do PGD and I found a great clinic that does it for gender tourists. Hey, I figure my uterus is like rental property. He wants a boy, I want girls…I agreed to swap him one boy for two girls (with an option of a third girl). So we -have- names. Still…I became convinced that "Caribou" was a winner of a name for either gender and that nobody else in the kid's class would have that name. Middle name got even weirder as I tried to pair it with something equally strange and gender neutral. Bless my husband. He actually entertained the conversation. I -think- I may have passed out on him. Honestly? I don't know. The perks of being on hiatus from work and school, right?

I must have woken up at some point because I wrote a poem tied to an article I read online a while back. See…our country is waging a battle in Guam. A battle against some um…invasive species of snake. So…this snake has a particular allergy. Our government wisely decided on a course of action. We put like…two thousand lab mice down that had eaten the toxic food…and…strapped miniature tissue parachutes to them…and…yes…we dropped them from a helicopter into the treetops of Guam for the snakes to eat (the snake apparently hangs out in the trees). Can you say weird? I would love to know whose idea that was. At any rate…I could not get this article out of my head. Somebody had to actually have this as a job. Somebody actually has to say at a party when meeting somebody…"yes, I strap miniature tissue parachutes onto dead mice." I feel very sad for the mice, but the article is so bizarre…well…you almost can't help laughing at the absurdity of it. At any rate…I wrote a poem to honor these mice warriors. Yes…I did. While inebriated. It's as weird as the article.

Last night I slept almost straight through.A hiccup…I woke and talked to my husband. He's a good one. Even with dog agility looming in the morning he was there for me. I woke early. There was daylight in my bedroom. There are few things I dislike as much as daylight (ask my husband…I have had some rambles about that). We're due for more snow. Is global warming on vacation? Because it's not doing its job…and even though I'm like really worried about the super volcano under Yellowstone erupting in 40,000 years and destroying my great great great great…whatever…I'm more concerned with making it through winter. And daylight.

Today, I intend to chill. Probably another hour and a half of daylight…best nap through it. Then…party with Oz. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to see Gravity. It doesn't sound that interesting. I watched The Summit the other day…documentary about the deadliest expedition to K2…beause mountain films put me in a restful state (yeah, weird).

All the stuff I ordered for Oz should be here soon and I'm really excited. I've got a list going. He's been great with helping me pare things down and decide what is important. I hope we have a fun night. I want supplies, but it's cold…and daylight. Not going out. I can't figure out why convenience stores don't deliver. What's convenient about having to get in your vehicle and drive to one in the middle of the night? I can't muster any enthusiasm for my jigsaw puzzle, either.

Still planning Max's birthday party. I will have to go out before then. Into the daylight. Epic not cool. At any rate, he will be happy with presents, a cake, and some ice cream. Walter ate like a mad man night before last. It was sweet.

Anyway, ciao for now.


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