Life sucks I kinda want to commit suicide but I cant do it to my family life is sooo f***ed up ;(  anyone feels the same? I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel I want it to be good but I just cant hope when its obvious there is alot more suffering coming ;( the world is  a bad place so much ppl suffer one suffers with health issues and one with money issues soooo many good ppl suffer I just cant anymore I wish all the suffering would end now I wish ;( but it wont happen it’s time to suffer more and more ;( I have ocd and depression I’m on meds but it doesn’t seem to work my life is a living hell I just want it all to end I just wanna go in a dark place and wait for the lucky day when i die all suffering will end i have no social life a few of the most important years of my life were ruined already and i have a bad name on myself i cant just start from scratch the bad name will stick to me forever my dad isnt supportive to me he thinks I’m just a bad kid , he says so what u have ocd that’s not a excuse for that and this… I just xant anymore why is life so hard?!!! Ughhhh I just want someone to understand me fully but I’m to scared to say everything about my thoughts etc… i just wish i can escape reality  but ik I cant I’m gonna stay here suffering all my life I’m always told one day its gonna be better but it’s a few yrs already the day has not come does that day even exist?       Writing with tears: Parrot


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