1) The list

2) Having to do the same routine every day.

3) Looking for jobs.

4) Weighing myself three times a day.

5) Walking every day which I really do not need to do anymore.

6) Reading ESPN at 5PM every night.

7) Making sure the door clicks before I read or I talk to my father.

8) Figuring out how many calories I eat everyday.

9) Having to make sure there are always 25 jobs per Monster and Careerbuilder page and counting how many were posted in the sections I look at per day.

10) Having to get the same number of postings per day in Craigslist up and down.

11) Having to count how many jobs I might have been capable of out of the total number that I looked at.

12) Handwashing.

13) Needing silence to read.

14)  Only being able to write with certain pens for certain things.

15) Having a Things to Do this week list.

16) Having a daily Time of Errands list.

17) Complaining about all the mistakes I make.

18) Analyzing how long it takes me to read something.

19) My Time of Errands actual sheet list for the week.

20) My ESPN reading list with total stories read, how many per day and how many per sport.

21) If I bang one side of my body I have to do the same to other.

22) Analyzing how many times per year I cry.

23) Closing my computer screens in an order.

24) Touching windows when I am in the car.

25) Having an ESPN re-read list.

26) Having an ESPN list of total stories and time reading for the month including average time and stories per day.

27) Waking up the same time everyday.

28) Trying to go 48 hours between charging my phone.

29) Analyzing how many water bottles I drink per week.

30) Going to bed around the same time every night.

31) Drying my coffee pot then my cup and lastly my spoon.

32) Making sure my kitchen cabinet is shut all the way.

33) Turning my  kitchen light on, locking the door and turning my bedroom light on before reading ESPN at night.

34) Writing my father during the work week at precisely the same time every day.

35) Making sure my garbage can lid is facing the right way.

36) Having to put my feet in and out of bed before actually going in for the night.

37) Having to place a longer story in Word to see how many words I read per minute.

38) Having to have perfect spelling

39) Going back through Careerbuilder and Monster to see what jobs I looked at.

40) Having to shut my speaker when I read ESPN and when I go to sleep.

41) Washing myself three times in the shower.

42) Having to do my laundry on Saturday.

43) Not being able to skip things that I wrote on the list even if my father does not care.

44) Deleting my month over month emails each day.

45) Calling my Grandmother at the same exact times every day.

46) Having my list of who had the most points in basketball 10 or more and a goal and assist or at least a goal in hockey.

47) Scanning my computer at the same time every week.

48) Having to put my phone in the same pocket each day. 

49) Feeling inadequate to everyone.

50) Shaving once a week.

51) Not using any day time minutes on my phone with the exception of Mobile to Mobile.

52) Trying to avoid the people I live upstairs from.

53) Worrying about if I am slow doing something that must make me a retard. Since only they are slow. To anyone who has someone in the family that has Down Syndrome  I apologize I am knocking me. That is why I am using that word. So before anyone gets upset I would never say something like that to someone. That is the word I have been called all my life by people.

54) Trying to  be someone who I am not to fit in.

55) Taking a nap after I talk to my father every morning.

56) Not being allowed to read the newspaper due to the fact I cannot be near them. Lets say each morning when I walk is not easy.

57) Having to go to sleep 45 minutes after I finish eating for the night.

58) Having to tell my father anything I see on the computer so he thinks I know something.

59) Looking at jobs and then going on websites to see what they are about to make sure I don't fit them then go nuts when I say this is something I could do.

60) Showering the same time everyday.

61) Keeping my lists in the same order.

62) My mileage sheet.

63) Vacuuming once a week.

64) Telling my father every misspelled word I had or incorrect thing on the list.

65) Word count.

66) Numbering things.

67) Putting my sneakers and garbage cans in an exact spot.

68) Maybe sure my necklace is not turned sideways.

69) Trying to remember everything.

70) Having to lose more weight than my father.

71) Feeling I am in no way worthy of him.

72) Avoiding talking to people.

73) Writing down everything that happens when I walk, go to the bank, do laundry go shopping.

74) Analyzing calories.

75) Making my scale go back into the same spot.

76) Hanging my belt the same exact way every night.

77) Getting dressed and undressed the same way.

78) Having my keys, wallet and phone on top of my tower.

79) Worrying about a power outage. 

80) Tabbing my windows.

81) Telling my father when I have the screen sticking or any problems with the computer.

82) Counting lines in stories.

83) Counting words per line.

84) Trying to talk to as few people as possible besides family.

85) Having all my outside errands done before 10 so it looks like I am working.

86) Telling people I work when I don't so they don't ask questions.

87) Avoiding stepping on things when I am outside so I don't have to report back to my father.

88) Repeating my conversations with anyone to my father.

89) Thinking something is wrong with my vacuum.

90) Making sure my bottom drawer is closed.

91) Racing down for the mail when it comes.

92) Recording all my rapid thoughts. 




  1. Hildico 14 years ago

    Wow, that's a long list. You must be pretty busy.

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  2. marc81980 14 years ago

    Hi Undead:

    I don't have a therapist. If I had one I would agree with you. I tried and no one could help me.



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  3. marc81980 14 years ago

    Hi Hildico:

    Yes, I am very busy with this list.



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  4. marc81980 14 years ago

    Hi Lenotra:


    I did this off the top of my head. It was not that hard to do.



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  5. marc81980 14 years ago

    Hi Betty:


    It is something I have to deal with.Well that is good you don't have as many.  I don't have a doctor or therapist.  None ever helped.  It is usually a few of them not all of them.



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