Here I am, A 27 year old woman. Still unsure, still feeling lost. Still trying to find me. I’ve come the realization that I’ve let depression and anxiety take over me fully. I don’t even understand where this all began.
I feel like the woman inside that wants to be better and wants to be happy is trying so hard to fight the sad side of me but, this sad woman that is inside of me is so hard to understand and won’t let anyone in. The sad me is scared, the sad me is so destructive it’s scaring the people I love and genuinely care about me. Due to the fact of what I’ve been through as a child and my adult life it is really hard for me to open up.
I just want to find me again. I want the happy me to come back. Where do I start? Where do I begin? When does the anxiety and depression stop taking over me? The happy woman inside of me wants to come out but then I start to overthink do I even deserve to be happy? I don’t even know if anyone this makes sense.

I’m lost and I just want the old me back.


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