I am feeling like the world is crumbling down around me in the past month. So many people close to me have had heart attacks, strokes, lost their jobs, nearly split up, have cancer, have had a brother die. It has stirred up my anxiety so much, I fear it will hit closer to home.  Tonight my depression is such that I feel I am not loved. I know that I am but the feeling is there nonetheless.  I feel like living far away from everyone so that I don\’t have to face the question anymore. Another event that really shook up my anxiety was a friends girlfriend became very agitated after drinking. She was yelling while trying to make her point with my friend after dinner at my place. It was awful. I asked if we could please bring our voices down as I was getting a headache. She did but kept arguing.  Awful. Today, I\’m still see her face distorted by her panic.  It\’s hard to lose this image.


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