Last night I realized that my old mentor has cancelled his FB account. I can't express how relieved I am to no longer have his asanine comments popping up all over the place. You'd think someone with a Phd. would show a little more common sense than posting hateful opinions about Islam over that whole Ground Zero issue.

It's one thing to admit to people that you disagree with another person's religious beliefs, but to generalize it as "stupid" and "barbaric" and "cruel" and "savage"… Jesus, I use to look up to him so much, and now he's just an annoyance. I used to fantasize about him in the most dirty ways, and now I simply roll my eyes and pray for him to just shut up. I've come to the realization that his thoughtlessness is even more infuriating BECAUSE of how educated he is, and because he fails to remember that his former "favorite English major" has suffered some pretty bad religious bigotry herself in the past (well, and the present–every time someone cracks a JW joke, not knowing I used to be one.)

Don't agree with the whole mosque thing? Fine. You don't have to behave like an ignorant, biggoted, hater over it. The issue at hand isn't whether or not the Nation of Islam is stupid. The issue is about building a friggin' mosque near the site of a national tragedy caused by Muslim extremists. Christians have extremists too. They shoot abortion doctors and burn crosses on people's lawns. Personally, I have mixed feelings on the matter. I'm okay with it, but I didn't lose anyone during 9/11, so maybe my opinion doesn't count. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had. I dunno.

So there it is. My former mentor is a complete twat. It's like finding out your war hero grandfather was really hung as a horse thief. I guess the shine has worn off and I'm not so impressed anymore, but I can deal with that. I'm over it already.

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