I went to a service today, at church, to receive the sacrament of The Annointing of the Sick. I have a couple other times also. The last time I went, a few months ago, it really helped. This time it did also. Wow. That was great! I could definitely feel the Holy Spirit. Which is amazing!

I want to highly recommend receiving this sacrament to all other Catholics on here. Also, to any other Christians whose church offers it. You don't always have to go to a service. Most priests, I think, will also do it by appointment.

Please don't let it hold you back and not go "just" because you are mentally ill. We all know here that mental illness is a sickness too.

I really can't stress this sacrament enough. As a mentally ill person and as a Christian. Right now, I feel lifted. I feel the Holy Spirit. I feel God's love. I feel less anxious.

Recently, I have been struggling with Catholicism. I don't believe in everything they have to teach. Therefore, it has been extremely difficult to attend church. Today I realized however how much I need to attend. Really any Christian church. At the moment that seems to be the Catholic church.

I feel so blessed that I had the day off work the last two times this sacrament was offered. The Lord must know I need it.

Perhaps with enough faith I might be cured. But, even with all my faith, I am a realist, to an extent, also. I know my Bipolar Disorder is in my brain and in my genes. I'm sure I'll always have it. However, it has improved since I received the sacrament a few months ago. I only expect it to get better from here. If you want to think about it logically – this positive attitude can't hurt and can only help.

I will take any improvement of my mental state which I can get. The last time I went, I simply asked God to make me even ten percent healthier. He has done much more than that!

So, today I thank the Lord for all my blessings. I have had many hardships these past few years. Through Him however, I have become stronger!

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    Glad that you found solace and comfort in church. I'm sure God has the power to help those in need, like us.

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