Recently I've been viewing life from another perspective! Every choice i make i think keep thinking about what impact that choice has made on other choices! Like for example eating loads of junk food…

Whats good about it? Okay well…

  • It tastes good
  • Makes me feel good short term

Okay so Negatives…

  • In the long run it makes me feel crap
  • Its empty calories that don't fillyou up
  • causes weight gain
  • Contributing factor to diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease

So I ask my self why is it that i go for it all the time when there are so many more negatives about it than positive! As i sit here typing about food I crave it! Why are we so tempted to eat such garbage?

I don't know about you but I kind offed up of eating that same foods day in and day out but when given that choice i wouldn't go for something I wouldn't normally eat!

I've recently began the weight watchers diet plan. I'm aloud "22 points" according to the diet but when i calculated what i normally eat with the 'points' system i eat less that that anyway! So it got me thinking to why i am the weight i am even though I'm eating according to 'weight watchers' what i such!

The answer lays within what i eat! It's not necessarily how much i eat but what! I wonder what you eat in which you are eating just for the sake of eating!

I think we need to remind ourselves that we eat to live and not live to eat! I think this shall be my day late new years resolution… To eat to live and not to live to eat! I will try to eat much healthier foods and experiment with different foods!

Whats everyone else's new years resolution?


<— Tempting aye?


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