well it started off like a normal day…me and brother went to work in the morning. i went to the gym like normal, got some last minute bits n bobs in town then came back to wrap up last minute presents. basicly we were planning to open presents at 5pm and dinner at 7pm, after we opened the presents i found my mum and brother talking upstairs.

my brother was in alot of pain, clutching his heart! i ran to him and did every single possible thing i could think of! water, cold flannel, hugged him, made him breathe, and rubbed his back to comfort him, my mum called an ambulance in a panic and we had to give him an epi-pen injection. which was gastly!! the impact of the jab nearly knocked me over, and even my dad struggled to hold onto him. his heart started racing even more and he was shouting in pain while panting for breath, i was scared shitless to say the least, i was the one hugging him coz he wouldn't let go of me. the paramedics struggled to part us when they arrived. he couldn't sit up straight without creasing up in pain. it was horrible to watch! i used my mindful breathing techniques i'd learnt, i was actually really proud of myself!! me and my parents really pulled together..teamwork!!!

and its made me realise how much i do actually love my brother and his quirky sense of humour! mums with him in hospital now sending us updates, he seems fine, but of course having a million and one tests! my dad sister and brother are due to go on a skiing holiday 2moro morning!! hence why we had an early christmas dinner. fail. just really hope he's allowed to fly and ski. he was sooo excited about it all! now we're all worried.

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    That's quite a scare you had. You should be particularly proud of yourself for helping your brother and keeping calm. Wonderful!

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