My trust is almost back to "normal" with Cirena.  My OCD is acting up bad again.  Not too bad but not mild either. 

Just repetitive touching, counting, and making sure I don't tie an invisible knot. 

Such as making sure if I wear a ring, I put it on last, and it is the first thing I take off.  It can't go through my sleeve and if it does then before I take it off I have to take my shirt off first.  No knots!!!!!!!!! 

Or twirling around.  That one is annoying.  Especially when someone is around and I am tring to hide it.  The ocd was mild until Ricky called into work and I had more things I had to do.  I think it was the stress of having to do more work.  I'm beginning to see a pattern.  I think?????????

Um what else I got into it with Derick.  He's a moron.  Calls me up and tries to start an argument about some stupid stuff.  Of course he was wrong but you know he's never wrong.  He knows everything.  lol  I can't help but to feel sorry for him sometimes.  But he gets on my nerves to the point I want to punch him.  Just because he lies all the time and WHY?????????

The other day he said he was going to get a 1996 porsche 911 in excellent condition for 3,000$.  Because he talked on the phone to someone from Sundance Chevrolet in Jackson.  Is there even a sundance in Jackson?  Then it changed to Lansing.  Said he hadn't seen the car yet but the guy has lots of them and is saving this one, which is Smokey Gery just for him because he knows the guy.  They're good friends and go way back.  Fuck he knows everybody!  roflmao.  (I know mean, I feel bad now.) 

Then says I should hear the moter, it's sounds beautiful!  Okay well if you haven't been there how do you know what it sounds like, did he hold the phone up to it!?!?!?!?!  And I'm sorry but you can't even get the body of a 1996 porsche 911 for 3,000$.

Anyway, anyway He called to tell me he was going to fire Detrix because she left work early.  I asked him what time did she leave and he said 5pm.  Well isn't that the time you guys get out of work?  Was there mandatory overtime?

He said "No, she wouldn't clock out and finish her work."  Well DUH if you are clocked out you have to leave for insurance reasons.  You can't work while clock out legally.  "Yes you can" he said.  You have to if I tell you to.

And he's not even in a position to terminate someone.  He's not the owner of the company, he's not a supervisor.  He's just an employee like Detrix.  Who does he think he is?????????  Why does he want power?????????

Then he has the nerve to tell me I am stupid and I when I tell him to listen what he is saying because it makes no sense.  Tells me I don't know what I am talking about because I've never been in management.  Okay look buddy I was offered the Management Position at the store I use to work at and I refused it.  I was offered the teamleader position where I work at now.  You know the place you worked for five years before you quit to work where you are right now…  The place you kept saying was going to make you teamleader because you and the boss are real good friends.

He is always tring to out do me and WHY?????????

It's like if something happens to me, something along those line just happened to him as well but way better.

He didn't start the car thing until I bought my Jeep.  And it wasn't like I even called to tell him.  He showed at my door and asked where my Neon was.  Then 2 seconds after I told him he went into the porsche thing.  Couldn't be happy for me.  Had to be all about him.

Err he annoys me.  Obviously he has his issues, like I have mine, atleast I own up to mine.  Maybe he can't?

I stopped just agreeing with him when I caught him looking into my windows.  Fucking creepy!!!!!!!!!  I don't trust him.  I think he is going to kill me.  And yes I would indeed call it paranoia but I have solid grounds to think that way.  I think he's dangerous!!!!!!!!!  I try to avoid him but he won't go away!!!!!!!!!

Well that was my day………


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