I come onto this board just to relax and meet with other sufferers of OCD. While I understand my life doesn't entirely surround OCD, I enjoy meeting like-minded individuals.

I'm not close to anyone here. This is done purposely. I prefer remaining anonymous. I used to be big on the internet friendship thing, but no longer. In my life, I have limited time to correspond anymore. (Or, perhaps I'm distracted and don't know where to direct my attention?)

But I see a lot of blogs and a lot of things of people fighting here. This isn't uncommon. I'm part of an Animal Welfare message board, and the same bit happens there, too.

I don't regard this place as too active, but perhaps I'm missing out on group conversations and chat. (As I don't believe I have ever went on.)

I do want to say something, even if I'm totally unaware of the situations:

We suffer from OCD, guys. Our version of the world is distorted. We do not see it properly, trust me. I'm sure you all know this. This is the internet and while I'm not devaluating internet friendships (they can be quite nice, especially since you get to know people without having to see them), we should attempt to stop taking things personally. If we don't agree, who cares? In our realities, we fight this. We face it everyday.

But we don't have to be like this online. We don't have to leave forums because we're concerned about what others think. Most of us are adults. Perhaps instead of jumping the gun and leaving the forum, we should stay and ignore the bad. If someone disagrees, what's the deal? Many of these people you'll never meet. That's the beauty of the net. You can disguise yourself, be anyone you want (although I do pose as myself), and yeah.

I worry about fights happening too I admit. Everything scares me. I spend my life attempting to not get involved and very often just me being silent draws me into a battle with people. This is the one place where we can all escape and we have some control. But you also have control over how you feel.

I come here to help others and to be helped. Anyone who wants to talk to me may message me since I don't really care about sides/disagreements, ect. I just want those people who feel hurt to continue to heal here. That's all I'm concerned about. So, if anyone here is planning to leave or feels disgusted, that's your decision, but it's a rash and commonly used one. Don't use this place as a battle ground, it doesn't have to be.

To anyone else, on behalf of the forum, I'm sorry if you've been made to feel uncomfortable. I don't care regardless about anybody's situations or opinions, and if you need assistance in the future or someone to talk to, feel free.

And no, this message isn't directed any anyone in particular. I have no idea who half of these people are or what's happening. I just wish sometimes it didn't have to. One can't always get what they want, but hey, it's worth a try.

Take care! I think I want to play Mario Kart for Wii now. xD Speaking of which, if anyone has a Wii and has an online number, message me it, I'd love to race or correspond. (Kay, I'm a geek.)

  1. ocdmama 12 years ago

    I think people who have posted anything well atleast for me is me just saying i hate the drama and i want everyone to get along!I agree and like i said in my blogs we are here for support!I havent read the forums so idk what ppl are writing in that! All i know is i love when its drama free here!Hugs!

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  2. bluerosie 12 years ago

    Thank you for your blog; well said.

    Personally, I have several close friends whom I've never met in person; internet friendships can work very well.  That said, I respect your point of view and it makes sense.  Whatever the case, I have seen forums on so many websites and topics get so heated–it is sad.  I myself have anxiety over what someone online might think of me sometimes, even though I tell myself over and over that I don't really care.  It's especially silly since someone would really have to do a lot for me to think very badly of them.  😛   

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