Welcome back, me, to part four of my incredibly depressing story about a boy who doesn’t love me back. Read on and enjoy.

WARNINGS!!! Obscure mentions of sexual acts/practices. You have been warned.


How Could I Ever Compare? 

How could I ever compare to the lean, graceful body you inherited with my chubby thighs and clumsy ways?
How could I ever compare to the sure, decisive way you speak with my stutter and lisp?
How could I ever compare to the bold, confident way you hold yourself with my bad posture and bowed head?
How could I ever compare to your beauty with my ugly?
How could I ever compare to your knowledge, your smarts with my laziness and stupidity?
How could I ever compare to your wellness, your peace of mind, your wholeness with my trauma and mental illness?
How could I ever compare to such a perfect human when I am nothing?

Easy Mornings

Easy mornings. Soft whispers. Mischievous smiles. Wandering hands. Hitched breaths.
A mouth full. A groan escaped. An itch scratched. I need more.
A slow, rocking rhythm. A small, strained moan. A sweet, tender kiss. The short, breathy groans. I still need more.
A peak is hit, exceeded. As moans tumble from mouths. Hands, reaching, grasping, holding, caring. A whispered ‘I love you’.
A tired hand reaches. Four tired legs stumble. Water hits skin softly. Steam against the mirror.
A wet cloth. A yawning mouth. A gentle soap. A shy smile. A sweet kiss. A tender moment.
Stolen glances. Soft sheets. Cuddled tight. Morning light. Soft whispers. Hushed yawns. Sleep, again. Easy mornings.

I think Easy Mornings is some of my best work. I liked the pattern and flow of it. Please leave comments and kudos so I can publish this one day. Maybe write a good blurb and stick around for part 31.

As always, take care of yourself and the ones you love. Drink some water. Get something to eat. Take a good, warm, long shower. Stay safe. See y’all tomorrow.


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